Woman Posed As 13-Year-Old Boy--WTF???

What the hell is wrong with people like this woman. She is 33 with kids and is posing as a young boy to get into middle school as a student in Kansas?!? She has also pulled similar scams in other states as well.


If I had kids, I would be a little freaked out that some adult was trying to pose as a student for any reason.

I know lame rant… but it just ticked me off

I love that her last name is “Hoaks”! It’s almost like she has to run around pulling scams.

Hoaks. B.J. Hoaks.

“The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.” –Marshall Macluhan.

I’m not too sure about Pastor Jim Jones, either.

That’s wrong…posing as a 13 year old boy. Now posing as a 16 year old girl…that’s the ticket.

33? Guess it’s not Amanda Bearse then. :smiley:

WHY do I misread thread titles?! I couldn’t work out how an ageing irish chat show host/radio presenter could pass for 13!

I thought it was interesting that she’s done some wierd stuff in the past - in a lot of different places. From the link in the OP:

I wonder what she’s getting out of it that she’s done it so many times. She must have some serious mental issues going on.

Was I the only person disturbed by this part of the stoy?

What I find interesting is the fact that her other hoaxes involved money scams, like the trust funds set up for her in Utah, but this one doesn’t seem to have any monetary motivation. It worries me that someone with an obvious mental illness* would be trying to get into a middle school. What was her motivation?

*I’m not talking about depression or bi-polar or ADD, but more likely schizophrenia or something like that.

Maybe she was doing it for the free Kool-Aid.

Could she be a transexual who has difficulty being perceived as an adult male because he is only five feet tall?

How could someone not notice that she was 33? I haven’t seen a picture of the women but I find it hard to believe any 33 year old could pass for 13.

Well, if you really, REALLY wanted to meet Michael Jackson…

Doubtful. Being transsexual doesn’t generally lead one to pretend to be many years younger than one actually is, without additional mental disturbances.

Now thats an idea. Maybe she was trying it out first before she meet Michael to run a money scam on him… :smiley:

Found a mug shot from eight years ago.

Could be.

I won’t deny that she might be transsexual. However, she’s also a con artist. As far as I can tell, Transsexual Menace has merely fallen for her con.

The deceit here isn’t in her posing as a person of male identity. The deceit is in claiming to be a child when she (or he) is not, and trying to gain social services as as result of that lie.

I dunno. Looks like a guy to me. But certainly not a 13YO boy.

I see the makings of a Great Debate here: if the system is set up in a way that prevents a certain segment of the population from gaining beneficial and necessary services from the system, is it permissable for those people to gain access to those services by attempting to fool the system?

Hm. That would be an interesting debate. However, around these parts at least, there are all sorts of Adult Learning programs, where adults can get all the credits they need to complete high school and go on to university even. Some even have daycare services of sorts to help parents take classes.

Those kind of programs vary in scope, but I’m sure that there would be some kind of continuing education, or alternative programs around better suited to an adult who legitimatedly wanted to learn.

This doesn’t sound like she was trying to get an education. It’s a bit too off kilter.