Woman who allegedly smoked crack and had stillborn baby to be tried for murder

No, seriously.

This is completely insane.


So basically, if any woman has a miscarriage, she should immediately be checked for drugs, alcohol, and anything else that might have contributed to the miscarriage, so that she might be put on trial for murder.

I’m glad we’re here to make tragedies even more traumatic. Thanks moral crusaders. You’re such awesome people.

It’s a shame that the state’s commitment does not seem to extend to living children.

If you think a fetus is a human with all the rights of any child , this is no different than prosecuting a mother for child endangerment for smoking crack while in the same room as the kid.

Not that I agree with that premise, but I don’t find it insane.

But only if she is black, surely.

Here is the statute for the state of Mississippi:

Seems clear enough, at least to a layman. What seems less clear is the cause of death in this case.

Anything else covers a lot of ground. You should have seen my daughter when she was pregnant. No blue cheese, no sushi, no deli meat, no swordfish or white tuna, no caffeine, blah blah blah, the list went on and on. Given this case, where might a prosecutor draw the line?

  1. No causality. Stillbirths happen all the time.

  2. Haven’t crack babies been (somewhat) debunked? Like the original research didn’t properly account for the fact that crackheads tend to not eat healthy, have a good home environment, etc.

  3. While it could be possible, the onus is on the state to demonstrate harm, and I don’t think they can.

They have the right to be obese.

If she yields to her coffee addiction and miscarries, into the slammer! It’s just like the case in the OP, isn’t it, just a different drug?

That’s the idea. Given which state this is, and where they’re going with this murder trial, I doubt any miscarried child will cause anything less than a negligent manslaughter charge in the future.

Yet another reason not to live in any state which is governed by a people more interested in what your genitals do than what you do to the people who own the genitals.

It happened to a black teenage mother in the south (mississippi). Why does none of that surprise me.

Just a quick aside, this post could be rather easily interpreted to mean the opposite of what you probably meant. I’m assuming you mean it’s typical of a southern state to come up with ways to attack minorities or teenage mothers, but it could be read another way.

And here’s Hayne. Sounds like a quality doctor.

He claims to do an average of 4 autopsies a day.

Nice! I bet that’s very thorough work he’s doing.

Yeah, thats what I meant. Like how ‘stand your ground’ as a defense doesn’t apply so much when black people are the ones defending themselves.

Yes and no. What was debunked was the idea that babies who have been exposed to and addicted to cocaine before birth will grow up to be little more than rabid zombies and a drain on society when they grow up. But that doesn’t mean that smoking crack does not pose a significant risk to the infant and serious health risk for newborns.

Nice example.

I just wanted to clarify it before someone mischaracterized it. That happened to me recently and it’s loads of fun.

Depraved Heart’ sounds like a Country album; or if not Country, Nashville.

Every time these types of things come up, I am so forever grateful that I am unable to get pregnant.