Woman with long record of arrests steals ambulance.


This woman is a one person wrecking crew. She has a long list of arrests. It shows just how much of a pathetic joke our courts have become.

Usually you’ll see a long list of similar crimes. Multiple arrests for theft, drugs, or prostitution. This lady is just constantly getting in trouble for the hell of it. Being a jerk.

You think just maybe this latest arrest will keep her in jail for awhile? Maybe even a year or two? She’s eventually going to do something really serious and get somebody hurt or killed.

I can’t understand how anybody could get arrested and charged so many times.

There’s almost no gaps between 2011-2018 when she might of been in jail. I didn’t quote her record for 2018. Only Sept and she has several arrests not including the ambulance theft.

Even probation violations didn’t send her away for a few years? : confused: WTH?

It’s so unfair that a offender in a different state and city would get hammered with heavy jail time for just a few of these charges.

It seems to be random how lenient the courts happen to be in your area.

Sometimes there is just no place to house a female prisoner. Women are routinely put on wait lists in Arkansas because the womens prison is just full.
There you have my opinion.

She doesn’t seem overtly violent. That may make a difference in finding a cell.

I’ve noticed the priority is getting the dangerous offenders off the streets.

I know limited jail space is a problem.

Sounds very much like this person has drug and/or mental health issues so a custodial sentence is going to be problematic. And really, does ‘being a jerk’ necessarily warrant a few years in jail?

Thankfully judges (who hear ALL the evidence that we in the public sphere are rarely privy to) are able to evaluate the best options for any given offender. Sometimes that means keeping them out of jail.

It’s actually pretty routine. I used to review arrest records back when I was working. I’d commonly see people who had been arrested dozens of times. Some people had arrest sheets with over a hundred arrests. And this was before they finally got sent to prison.

Most people aren’t aware that are courts are like this.

The perception is that you get convicted for a crime and serve a sentence. That’s just not practical when the jails are full.

The jail in my area released prisoners to ease overcrowding a couple years ago. It’s not a popular move but sometimes necessary.

This lady may have crossed the line. She was endangering lives driving that recklessly. Ramming a cop’s car. That may finally get her off the streets for awhile.

I’m all for lock 'em up & throw away the key…until I’m asked for more taxes to pay for all of the jails & prisons, then I become a bleeding heart liberal. Do you realize how expensive it is to incarcerate someone?

Are you talking about jails or prisons? They’re not the same thing.


Some people serve short sentences in jail? Others go to prison.

I don’t know what determines where people serve their time.

The article didn’t say how many times this lady was convicted. She was on probation so that indicates at least one.

I should have explained that I understand the minor charges probably weren’t worth pursuing. Courts have bigger fish to fry than a trespassing charge.

There were other more serious charges that could be worth pursuing. But that’s up to the prosecutor. It seems like she should have spent some time in jail.

I hope they get this lady incarcerated before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. She seems to be completely out of control and her crimes are getting more serious.

She has spent a lot of time in jail. Looking at her arrest records, I’d estimate she’s spend a total of around six months in jail - she’s just doing it a week or so at a time.

I’d like to see house arrest be more of an option. Keep them confined to a premises with some sort of alarm that goes off if they leave. That way we don’t have to pay for jails and guards, they aren’t mixing with (as many?) criminals, and it still fulfills the goal of keeping them off the streets.

This is what happens when social safety nets get gutted. Mental health programs, drug treatment facilities, educational opportunities are extraordinarily helpful for repeat low level offenders.

We don’t need more folks in jail for small stuff. We need real help to get them back on track to a decent life.