Meanwhile in Oregon: Woman does meth, steals cop car, makes babbling chase video

Dash cam records 11 minute chase, complete with her meth-addled rambling running commentary. How this woman did not kill herself or anyone else is a complete miracle.

It all started when she stabbed someone in the back at a house, then while the cops were looking she crept into one of the police cars and took off. I guess she didn’t learn her lesson about stabbing people in the back:

This woman has seen Mad Max way too many times.

I just read an article about a couple who ate dinner at a place in Seaside, using a gift card to pay. They had no cash, so gave the server a baggie of crystal meth as a tip. The owner called the cops, but the couple had left. They were arrested later, when a store manager called about some undesirables in his place. Charming-looking couple, I must say.

I’m also enjoying the story about the pimp who’s facing a 100 year sentence for almost beating someone to death that’s suing Nike for One Hundred Million Dollars for not putting a warning label on his Jordans warning him that they were deadly weapons.

Story and charming mugshot here.

Well, she did buckle-up for safety near the beginning.

She can’t let Florida have all the fun.

She’s been sentenced to 10 years. What a video, she’s lucky she didn’t kill someone. I hope she gets the help she needs; she’s gonna have plenty of time to dry out.

Perhaps she can hook up with the man who, while on meth, fought off 12 cops while masturbating in a bar.

Moved Cafe Society --> MPSIMS, albeit without drug-addled commentary.

It looks like she never turned on her headlamps. I’d kill for her night vision.