Woman with world record number of plastic surgeries does not look all that much younger than her age

At least I don’t think so. She’s 55. I would not have any trouble believing she’s in her 50’s.

Woman Takes Anti-Age Surgeries to Extreme

Hrm. I thought she looked pretty good, except for that puckering that shows up only on the right side of her mouth when she speaks. If she had that on both sides, I don’t think I would have noticed it.

Interesting link. Thanks!

She doesn’t look like the freakshow I’d expect from 50+ surgeries.

Yeah, I think she looks pretty good.

Isn’t that the woman whose boyfriend’s name is Kendall? (Ken Doll)

She’s not a freak show, which happens to most of the folks that get massive numbers of plastic surgery. I’ll give her that. But her philosophy leaves much to be desired.

The Onion: New Plastic Surgery Technique Makes 40-Year-Old Women Look Like Really-Weird-Looking 38-Year-Olds

I’m not sure she looks any younger, maybe more ‘striking.’ Still, the trauma she went through to get there, all those shots of her post-surgery were horrific. What I find least attractive about her though, what I think offsets any possible cosmetic, superficial benefit is that this seems a pretty clear sign she has deep seated issues. I for sure wouldn’t want a relationship with anyone so desirous of some impossible, stylized ideal. Oooof, way too much baggage in need of way too much comforting and never ending assurances.

I think she looks very good, much better than what she was headed for in the before pictures shown. Overall, I did not think her shape was up to her face. She could stand to work out more. She’s filling out those “mom” jeans pretty fully.

She wouldnt have time, she sounds like she’s almost permanently recovering from surgery.


Her face doesn’t look bad, but there’s something…off…about her lips that makes her face look more fake that it should.

She doesn’t look like Joan Rivers, that’s for sure, but she is also relatively young. I remember reading that if you start plastic surgery younger, results tend to be better. The photos suggest she did start procedures at a younger age than average. Certainly her surgeon is excellent and very restrained. However, she may look good in photos and on my computer screen, but it’s possible that she looks a bit odd in real life.

I have friends in their late 40’s and early 50’s and this woman doesn’t look any better.

I find it interesting that her face doesn’t seem symmetrical. When standing perfectly straight and holding her head perfectly straight and doing a surgery headshot with no talking or smile, she probably does look symmetrical. What no one seems to take into account, though, is how the face moves and how the head tilts. Once she’s in motion, talking, smiling, and doing what people do, her right eyebrow is too high, her nose looks a teeny bit to the right, and her mouth is more active on the right, so she looks lopsided to me. Or maybe that means the botox on the right is wearing off or something?

Yah - she looks quite good for a woman in her 50s.

She certainly doesn’t look like she’s in her 20s or 30s, but I’m not convinced that was her plan.

50 surgeries, with a month to recover from each, takes almost 5 years out of a life. She’s gotta be losing ground.

She looks very odd to me. This woman (just an image from Google of a 50 year old woman who doesn’t appear to have had work done) looks a lot better to me, with soft, natural smile lines and her face not being abnormally tight in strange places.

She looks better from the front, the side angle shots of her face made her look older. She definitely looks a touch odd and not natural.

I also noticed the weird thing going on with the right side of her mouth but as her younger faces flashed by I thought I saw it in an earlier photo. I wonder if it’s a quirk she was born with that she chose to keep.

She looks a bit off, but I will say she looks better now than she did in the 90s.

I may be watching too much Real Housewives, but I think she looks great, not odd at all. Especially for her age. If you know a lot of women her age that look this good, then please give your location. I need to move there quick in case it’s the climate. Here in Arizona, not so much with the youthful-looking old people. And I like what she said about people saying she messed with nature- “nature messed with me.”:smiley:

She looks ok now, but I’m not optimistic about her looks when she gets significantly older. And those things next to her mouth are really distracting.

She only looks beautiful and normal in still photo shoots where she’s all made up. Otherwise she looks like a freak to me. There’s nothing normal about that unnatural frozen look around her mouth.