Women going topless may cause society to collapse

We need more “reckless disregard”, IMHO. Especially when I read the next sentence:

Bare-chested women in the library? I think that we should do all we can to encourage women to go topless at the beach.

Well, if they go topless long enough, something may collapse…

I’m going to die now, aren’t I?

Or something may come up, depending.

Society is collapsing anyway so there’s no risk involved.

Is this a breaking news thread? I’ll reserve my comment pending a ruling.

You mean it’s currently legal? I’ve got to change my summer vacation plans.

It’s technically been legal in Ontario for something like 20 years now, but very few women exercise their right.

If they’re serious all they need to do is make it illegal for anyone to go topless. I’m sure all the malebodied people will have no problem wearing t-shirts or equivs to the beach if the alternative is social collapse.

As a non-native English speaker the word “topless” sounds funny. How can there be less “top”? It should be" topoff".

I’ve been wondering when it will happen for years now

They are practically nude now:eek::eek:

You gotta wonder about the mental state of someone who uses the term ‘reckless disregard’ in connection to the idea of being exposed to bare breasts.

It’s been legal in New York since 1992. So apparently it’s a slow collapse.

I’ve never really understood why women going topless will collapse society but men going topless does absolutely nothing to harm Western Civilization.

Whatever happened to “Live Free or Die”?

Seriously, in a state as cold as New Hampshire, are there that many women who would want to be walking around topless that this should even be an issue?:confused:

I presume, to comply with equal protection laws, it will also be illegal for men to go topless, correct?

I’m assuming no shirt no shoes no service policies still apply, regardless

Obviously the problem is that our founding fathers didn’t give women the right to bare… no, I can’t continue. Sorry.

We are merely keeping abr–

umm, nm

Hey, it gets nice and hot in the summer, even up in the mountains in northern NH. People strip down to their bathing suits and jump into the local lakes. But that doesn’t mean they need be burdened with more bathing suit than they need.

You know what I blame this on the breakdown of? Society.

It sounds like the same lame-ass “slippery slope” argument they use against gay marriage. If you let them do this, then next it will be this and this… and where will it end?