Women have a groin.

At work I once said that the upper bar on a bicycle could hurt a woman’s groin, and two women and three men quickly corrected me with “only men have groins”. Yeah, right! Where do people get these ideas?
So I just looked it up on m-w;
“: the fold or depression marking the juncture of the lower abdomen and the inner part of the thigh; also : the region of this line”
Nyah nyah.
BTW; the original purpose of the lowered bar on older style women’s bikes was intended to protect her modesty while riding and wearing a skirt, not to prevent injury.

Did you know that earthen dams have groins?


Yeah, it can. Oh boy, can it.

Hey, don’t arched roofs have groins too?

Well, there’s the Idea Hut; that’s on third. There’s Ideas-R-Us, that’s on third too. There’s Put-Your-Brainpan-There. That’s on third. Swing Low, Sweet Idiot… Matter of fact, there all in the same complex; it’s the idea complex on third.

You know, the idea district.

I do now. It was mentioned @ m-w when I looked for back-up.

a groinacologist is a doctor that deals with female reproduction.

there also were skirt guards on female bikes to keep a skirt from getting caught in the spokes of the rear wheel.

Of course women have groins. That’s why they go to groinocologists.

ETA: Rats! johnpost slipped that in

Trees have them, too.

Sports reporting in the media - ‘Groin injury’ is a reporting/conversational euphemism encompassing injury to the male genitalia - along with actual groin injuries such as torn ligaments and hernias etc. It’s not particularly precise, but I guess news people don’t want to say “kicked in the nuts” - and so it’s easy for people to pick the wrong meaning for the term.

I don’t know - one of the Mariners’ pitchers a few years ago missed several months of action because of “testicular trauma” [shudder]

Huh, I guess you learn something new every day. I thought I was groin up without one all along!


A lot of sandy beaches have groynes. And Sandy’s a girls name.

Homosexual panic when he glimpsed another player’s tackle in the showers, I expect.

Gimlet was the son of Groin.

Women have a groin, but they have to take turns using it.

This all makes me wonder if “growing pains” might have originally been “groin pains.”

I thought it was called the crotch. Is groin also usable?

From the same place that they learn that women have only two holes, pineapples grow on trees, and all rivers flow south.