Women, how do men act in your fantasies?

How do men behave in your sexual fantasies? I was thinking about how common it is to see a mans fantasy portrayed in popular media, but a womans is often shown in a comedic or sarcastic light (overly romantic guy in tuxedo with roses and such).

When you are sitting back in that warm bath, how do you imagine your fantasy man approaching, seducing you? Or is it you approaching and seducing him? I want to know how it is different from what men are thinking, what is it that they find desirable.

Well, no body wants to answer this one!

  1. I’m in my bedroom, there’s lots of them, they’re all naked and they are all gentlemen awaiting their turn.
  2. I’m tied to the mast, and well, the crew are all men - same scenario really…
    and please remember this is a FANTASY which I would not like to act out at all!

C’mon you guys. I posted it here beceause the SDMB is the only place I know that is mature enough to find honest answers.

I am really curious as to how the expectations and mindset is different for a woman.

They’re willing to do everything according to my whim, and they don’t talk about things that bore me.

Lately? I’m working in the kitchen, making cookies or something, and he sneaks up behind me to seduce me away from my work.

Lots of my fantasies (more like daydreams, really) involve him taking me away from stuff I feel like I should be doing. He’s my escape!

Also, I spend lots of time thinking about things I’d like to be doing to him. The “tuxedo and roses” stereotype? Hardly! I just conjure up mental images of us doing happy sweaty stuff all over the damn place.

Tuxedos and roses - hilarious! No way. Not sexy. I mean, in reality, if my husband just appeared in a tuxedo and handed me roses, that would sweet and nice and he’d look sexy as hell (but that’s just because he is), and he’d certainly get laid, but for real - it’s not something I’d expect, want, or dream about.

I’d fantasize about my husband coming to get me after work, and heading back out in the alley. Rough things, playful things, sometimes things I’ve seen in porn. Not always something that can translate well into reality, but in fantasy, anything is possible!

My fantasies are pretty graphic. Tuxedos? Too hard to get out of. Gimme nekkid. Seduction? Nah. Just “come hither” eyes and no words are good. Raw animal-y stuff. Oooh! You know the *Hungry Like the Wolf * video? That’s a good one! I’ve had that fantasy! Rawwr! Chase me! Catch me! Take me! :smiley:

I’ll be in my room.

The tuxedo thing is okay but some kind of uniform, military or otherwise, is far superior. In most of my fantasies men are very powerful (doctor, lawyer, army general, whatever) and more often than not have some sort of light accent, often in uniform, and they want nothing more than to pleasure me orally. There is other stuff too, but that is always the best part :smiley:

I had a girl one time who made me put on a dress, man.

In her fantasy? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Awkward and shy, but I’m able to get him to loosen up.

  2. Terribly businesslike and geeky, but I’m able to get him to loosen up.

  3. An excellent masseur who’s not afraid of the feet… and he’s able to get me to loosen up.

I’m downstairs, working on something. He comes up behind me, startles me by gently kissing that spot on my neck, picks me up, slings me over his shoulder, carries me upstairs, and throws me (gently) down on the bed. With a fair amount of biting and scratching, Penis Ensues.

In my fantasies he does most of the cooking and cleaning, doesn’t try to tell me how to do things, and leaves me alone to relax and take a nap at the end of a hard day at work. Fortunately, my fantasies have been realized :slight_smile:

You had better have gotten some, world beating. beyond monkey action for doing that or I’ll be disappointed in you.

Penis ensues. Oh, I love that phrase. Penis ensues. Trying to figure out how to work that into polite conversation.

No tuxes and roses for me, either. Just some good hard sweaty monkey sex with variations, pretty graphic.

I really doubt that you’re going to find anything terribly consistent. (But that’s because I tend towards the opinon that people and sex is just a weird combination, especially in the privacy of their own heads.)

My own fantasies are heavily focused on my partners, and basically don’t go out of character for them; if I’m going in new directions, I find myself limited by reasonable extrapolations. (I would find it … rude? to fantasise someone into a position they’re unlikely to consent to, and making someone up to fantasise about it weird to me 'cause I’m not into sex with strangers.)

I don’t go for cheesy romance and severed plant genitalia. I appreciate a graceful diversion from whatever is being interrupted (if anything), but I note there’s no damn way to gracefully divert in a bathtub. (Who comes up with this stuff? Clearly, they don’t have bad joints.) I don’t generally run seductions in the first place; I find that part of the process awkward more often than not, so it’s better for me to start where things are settled and run scenarios – would I like this?, say, or I Liked This Let’s Do It Again.

My fantasies are usually quite realistic. The guy is always confident and forceful and maybe a little rude. :o

Oddly enough, this describes me pretty well in real life. :cool:

The man is confident, experienced, passionate, expressive, and he leads me just past my comfort zone into something new for me. Even better if he has an accent. He’s a bit unpredictable, a little dangerous, and finds me unique and irresistible. Eye contact, lots of it.

A european-charmer-type can turn my knees to jelly in a matter of seconds irl.

Very confident and strong. He’ll pin my wrists over my head, he’ll back me up against a wall, a hand on either side so that I can’t escape and kiss me just right (which of course leads to mad passionate love being made on the carpet in the hallway :D). But all of the “taken in hand” actions are done with the utmost in respect and the knowledge that the teensiest peep of a “no” from me would result in my release.

It is the controlled power, the confidence, and the deep down love and affection for women that the man naturally possesses, that I find such a turn on. My former boyfriend was this way, and he was just a natural at it. If it were contrived, or “Porn-ey” it would be a complete turn off.

I am NOT talking about some blowhard moron who thinks it is sexy to “slap the little woman around a little to show her who’s boss”.

I don’t fantasize during sex at all. I’m way too caught up in the moment (I’ve been very lucky and, but for a few, have had phenomenal lovers in my life) of what is already going on. But now that I’m single, I find that I sometimes daydream about finding a man like that again. I’m not sure if that falls into the category of sexual fantasy or not.

I’m more interested what the guys are doing to each other, but apart from that, another vote for wild passionate (consensual) monkey sex. The thought of me having sex with someone else leaves me cold, but other people doing it is just fine with me. :slight_smile:

A severed plant arm, on the other hand, is the perfect gift for the sociopathic sex slave in your life.