Women join New York nude photo shoot

In Grand Central Station…

Can you spot me?

Haw haw!


Fifth back from the point, second from the left. Right?

BTW: Nice rack, Lola! :slight_smile:

And ambient temperature was… I’m trying to come up with a term for this situation, analogous to the Seinfeld episode re:shrinkage

Ewwww, I have to be in that station tomorrow! I hope they all sat on napkins or something.

I’m hardly cultured but I hope I’m not the only one that flat doesn’t get this human art thing.

A nude body carefully posed can often bring out my love of the human form or contemplation of age, beauty, sadness, joy, etc.

A crowd of naked people in a public place…nothing.

(yes I know this guy does some poses as well I just don’t get this group thing he does)

You’re NOT alone, Darkhold! :confused:

Eve – that didn’t occur to me. My initial thought was, “Ewww, I hope that floor was thoroughly scoured before they lay down on it.” Brave souls.

TERMINAL. It’s Grand Central Terminal.

Thank you.

It seems this guy has managed to convince a few hundren women to disrobe and lie down on one of the most walked-upon places on the entire planet. Gives me the creeps.

Gives me a sense of wonder and an urge to learn all I can from him :wink: