Women Shaving

I am wondering why it’s so popular with women shaving (completely) their privates in the past few years. Maybe you can enlighten me on why this is so popular…

The do it because the new prevalence of porn has brainwashed women into thinking something that was once merely a kink is now some kind of expected part of hygene.

I personally don’t care for it, myself. It makes me feel like I’m looking at a 12-year old… Just my opinion…

Did you mean the poll to include any level of “groundskeeping” down there, or just the completely bare look as suggested by the OP? Because there’s a wide variety of options that women might choose, and your poll is kind of vague in that respect.

Yes, I mean the complete bare look… Sorry about that.

Speaking from a purely tactile standpoint… Being touched when there is no…fuzz…in the way is…


That being said, I’m too lazy to maintain fully shaved all the time, so it’s more of a special occasion thing. I maintain trimmed, generally.

But, yeah… Just wow.

The OP does say “(completely).”

I suspect that they don’t do it to provoke endless discussion of it on this message board, but that seems to be the one unarguable result of it.

Actually, my GF did this for years before we met. I asked her to let it grow and she says she’s much more sensitive now and it does alot more for her. I guess it must vary by individual…

May be true for some, but my wife tells me she’s been doing it since before there was an internet.

I shave completely sometimes, so picked ‘yes’. But usually no more than once a week, and sometimes letting it go as long as a couple months, and I often let the top grow in while keeping the bits shaved regularly. So I hardly look ‘bare’ most of the time… just much shorter and neater than I would be without grooming.

I don’t. I don’t shave at all (I wax), and I don’t trust myself to start shaving with that area. And I’m not getting my pubes waxed off. Too hurty and I’m not paying all that money for something I don’t really care about. I have had it shaved off by people a couple of times and it really did nothing for me.

My overall thought is if you’re lucky enough to see the slit, then by golly, you’ll enjoy it. Hair and all!

Is it me, or is there an unusually high number of active threads inviting women to discuss their assorted bits, their underwear, their state of arousal, and the related paraphernalia?

Is there some kind of vaginal equinox in progress? If so, why wasn’t I informed, and how can I benefit from it?

Of course, it is the start of spring . . .

Not that I’m complaining, of course.

I really am just curious as to why, that’s all… I don’t mean to offend. :frowning:

Although I should state I’m VERY surprised by the poll results so far. I would have thought the results so far would have been reversed by quite a bit.

But you are kind of offensive. You ask a question which I thought to answer and then you go immediately to the “12 YO child” thing. Which is stupid right away because some people do have pubic hair at 12. Anyway, you’re free to your opinion and I am free to think that I wouldn’t let a person who thinks like that even know the state of my shaved or unshavedness or why I might do it or don’t. Because there are other reasons than “12 year olds” except no matter how many times you might state it no one ever seems to listen.
ETA: And no, I won’t vote.

I suspect you’d see wide generational/age differences in poll response trends.

Closing thread at OP’s request.