Ladies, do you shave it? (TMI)

Considering some the past threads around here, I hope this one is received as pretty tame.

Seems like all the strippers and nude-models nowadays shave their pubic hair. I, for one, hate it. My tastes were formed by sneaking peaks at Playboys in the very-bushy 70s and 80s. (And frankly it just doesn’t look, well, adult enough for me. Pubic hair is one of those important visual cues that nature has given us to say, “Okay! I’m mating age now!”)

So I wonder how common this is among the general population.

So, c’mon, lady dopers. Check in: shaved or natural?

Shaved “there” for years. Got tired of it - husband doesn’t care enough for me to continue.

OK…I have um…this friend…who’s trying to get his wife to do it. She…his wife…has resvervations about it 'cause of the itching, and everything. So, what …um…my friend…would like to know is how to minimize any uncomfortable-ness. My friend grew up on 80s porn, as opposed to say, Linda Lovelace, so I…err…he’s… not all that crazy about a forest down there.

Name and address withheld upon request

Shaving is overrated IMHO but trimming is very good. Especially if you can get him to trim it for you :slight_smile: I don’t like no hair at all but to wear any kind of pretty skimpies requires a little hair taming.

Oh and nitroglycerine… tell your um friend to tell his um wife that a hot bath beforehand (to soften the hair) and a trimmer to get the majority of the hair is the first step. Then a good razor, quality shaving cream, and preferably some help or at least a nice shaving mirror and the flexibility of a gymnast to shave things. And lastly moisturize!!! I know of no way to stop the itchies that follow if you decide not to upkeep!

There’s also a few good “anti-irritation following privates shaving” lotions on the market.
Or so I hear. :wink:

I’m not ambitious enough to shave constantly, so I just keep it well-groomed (i.e. trimmed).

:man enters:
Oh dear god I hope you ladies that don’t shave are like over fourty!
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One of my friends said once, on the topic of shaving…“If you want an 8-year-old pussy, go to the playground!!!” Horrible, but I laughed and laughed. Anyway, despite that, I shaved it once and kept it shaved for at least a year or so and liked it pretty well, but I didn’t necessarily shave every day and the stubble was kind of bugging the b/f, so I grew it back out and have gotten comfy with that again. I still shave the bikini line and trim the rest, though.

I don’t have a lot of body hair and have never experienced stray … strands when wearing bikinis or underwear. Since my hair is neat already and I don’t want to risk itchiness and stubble, it stays as it is.

Unfortunately some very pretty La Perla underwear is sheer, and since I don’t want the trapped spiders look I have to go without.

[product endorsement] Bikini Zone: topical analgesic creme for bikini area irritation–dermatologist tested [/product endorsement]

No, but then I’m not currently spreading my legs for anyone, so it’s not an issue. I think I’ll trim if I get married, though.


You want her to give you a blue hairs tour? :smiley:

Shaved into a triangle, then that part trimmed fairly short. [TMI]I work outdoors under hot conditions, and sometimes a little hair is the only thing standing between me, my skivvies and a bitchin’ chafe. Shaving everything is therefore out of the question.[/TMI]

And guys? The trimming is something a lot of 'yall could benefit from, too.

Hell, I am a guy and I shave myself. I usually leave a little above the ol’ penis due to who knows what other than style I guess.

I ask my gal to shave at least the lips. Sorry, but going down on some gal with a hairy muff is just annoying and not in the least enjoyable for me. It looks horrid, and it is like kissing a lumber jack on the cheek.

As for shaving tips:

  1. shave often to avoid the itch. Every other day or so, use an electric razor for touch up.

  2. the more you shave, the less likely you will have ingrown hairs.

  3. After shaving, use some tea tree oil on the area. In my case, it helps prevent ingrown hairs.

  4. Just after shaving, do not wear tight clothes. They cause ingrown hairs and irritation. The best is to, if a guy wear sweats and no undies, if gal, wear loose skirt without undies for the first day or too. At all cost, avoid tight jeans.

Sorry about that ^ Hit the wrong button !

I meant to say :

Waxed, with a racing stripe :smiley:
Because I like it that way. Much more sensitive.

Boy, talk about sequential threads. Just above this one when I saw it was “Guys, do you like it shaved?”

Hmmmmmm, think I posted this in the last “to shave or not to shave” thread.

Have your ummmm “friends” wife get some Nair Gentle Area (not sure if that’s the absolute right name, just check in the nair section).

Do a 24 hour test area in the, errrr, “delicate” areas (you don’t leave it ON 24 hours you just check again 24 hours after application and showering to make sure that no bumps, breakouts or “owies” appear).

If the test area turns out okay then you can go on to the next phase.

Warning, fairly graphic (sorry).

Take some cocoa butter or vaseline, cover the inner labia and the other delicate inside “bits”. Cover vaselined areas with cotton.

Now, liberally apply the “Gentle Formula Nair” to the areas to be “de-fuzzed”.

Test at the 5-7 minute mark (I believe the bottle says 4-11 minutes).

Once it is clear that the nair has de-fuzzed the appropriate areas, rinse liberally and wash area gently with a very mild soap.

Now, apply cocoa butter or vaseline (I prefer cocoa butter it smells prettier and soaks in better), liberally to the now bare area.

Leave for a full day before any activity. It can still be slightly tender even if you aren’t allergic.

Now, I think it stays fur-free for up to three weeks.

Hope that helps.

jungle jane here, i like it when i feel tarzan’s fingers exploring the forest! and well, hair does part you know when diving for pearls!!!

the only place i’ll ever get up enough nerve to wax is my chin!

I shave it, it’s more comfortable, more sensations during sex, my bf likes it that way too, I am not 40 yet but pretty darned close and its been that way since I was in my 20s it isn’t an age thing.