Shaving pubic hair

Why is it taboo for people to shave off all of their pubic hair?

It is? I know lots of guys that find it very appealing.


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I love it, its functional as well as fun to do :D.

The taboos come from a few sources.

One, women fear that it makes them look pre-pubesent, and men fear that liking it makes them latent pediphiles. Women also fear that they could contribute to the pediphilic tendencies of their partners as well.

Two, women fear it makes them appear slutty. This usually occurs in long term relationships, women fear that a new partner may think shes a slut if she shaves too much. This implies that she has frequent cause to show her cunt to different discriminating people.

Three, its a pain in the ass, and itches like hell. Also shaving everywhere can cause iritaion during sex, its best to leave a narrow strip in the middle where the bulk of the rubbing occurs.

Four, it is a common trait of porn stars, not a popular association for many.

Five, in men it is very common in the gay community. Men doing so would open themselves to questions of their sexuality in a locker room, and potential awkward situations with new women.

Enough for you?

well, I do it. I 'd never thought of it til a became a dancer;I’m sure Opal will back me up on this. The scanty panties you wore did Not cover some of it. It just feels clean to me. No one ever sees it! If you do it regularly,once a week,it doesn’t itch. Thank you.

The poster beneath me is really smart!

Omniscient: Three, its a pain in the ass…

Then you’re shaving too far and too hard. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Since no one but your significant other, your doctor, and possibly your shower buddies would see it, how could it be tabu? I suspect it’s just not done much because (a) it’s difficult to do, and (b) unless you keep it up, hairless pubes are itchy.

Well, I thought that pubic hair shaving amongst women was fairly common. Not that all do it all the time, but I’d venture to guess that most women did it at some time.

Not so with men… If you’re a swimmer, shaving down there is acceptable. But I don’t know that many guys who have shaved their nether regions, and I myself have absolutely no desire to.

Why the double standard?

Yer pal,

Time for some specifics. I shave my scrotum, and keep the area around my crotch trimmed very short (watch the jokes, people). However, I don’t shave my main pubic hair – I just trim it back to keep it even, and not too bushy etc. I’m something of a hairy little guy – I also trim my underarm hair from time to time.

Speaking of “little guy,” my penis is very small when flaccid, or at any rate has a tendency to retract into my body. Keeping the hair short prevents pain and discomfort when I get an erection and Junior is initially trapped by a hair-web.

I have nothing against the idea of fully-shaven men, but it’s not for me right now. I used to be really turned on by fully-shaven women, but now it’s not such a big deal. I don’t like a huge mound of hair – that gets in my way, gets caught in my teeth, etc.

Several companies make beard trimmers with spacers on them – these are great for pubic-hair trimming. you can get exactly the length you want, and don’t have to worry about cutting yourself.

–Da Cap’n

And now, from the “more than you wanted to know desk”, I shave. No itching at all as long as you keep it up, and, since I wear thongs, IMO it looks better…

Yeah, if you get lice there [no I haven’t] you gotta shave it. Plus put some of that lice crap on it.

Another question: Do most men LIKE it if a woman shaves off her pubic hair, and if so, why?

Up 'til last week I would never have imagined that this would be attractive to a normal male (personally, I’ve never seen a shaved woman in real life and I think it looks silly and unnatural on models in porn magazines, just like those melon-sized silicone breasts). Then I asked my boyfriend, and he said he liked it. Asked two random male acquaintances at a party (why yes, I WAS drunk) and they corroborated this. So, guys, do you really find this a turn-on? And would you want a woman to shave all the time, or just as an occasional thing?

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My girlfriend has done it once or twice. The problem is when the hair starts growing back it itches like hell, so she doesn’t do it that often. Most of her friends have done it, too. Some do it regularly.

I shave…and so does my fiance…both totaly bare. I started about 3 years ago…my girlfriend at the time asked me to, said it made oral sex easier for her. Since she shaved for me, I though that turnabout was fair play. My fiance started about a year ago…at my request. If both parties are totaly bare, it makes the sex very nice. The first month or so is a pain…very sensitve, and you’re not used to being bare there. For the first month, I suggest only shaving about once every 3 days. Now, I shave about every other day.
Good Luck…Kris

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I go bare infrequently these days because I just don’t have the time to waste on it. For what it’s worth, I always found waxing a superior method. It hurts almost unbearably to do it, but it lasts longer and doesn’t cause those icky, itchy red bumps.

I’ll probably get a couple of groans from this but…

Some times you just need a change. Like when your girlfriend changes hair color, it’s always more fun.

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My hair grows too fast to take all of it off…five o’clock shadow is NOT attractive down there, & it’s scratchy when you try to have sex. Plus I’m naturally redheaded & my SO’s into that. I DO keep it neatly maintained, though, a little delta about the same area as a business card…I shave the edges every other day & trim the rest once a week.

I shave all mine off, completely, once every few days. I have not had pubic hair to speak of in years. Why do I do it? I never really liked having pubic hair, for some reason. I like the way it feels shaved, I like the way it looks shaved, and you have to admit, a full, uh, head of hair provides a greater surface area for odor-causing bacteria to do their stuff on. Plus, it has been said before, but nobody likes getting hair in their teeth.

Oddly, I have never minded my sex partner having pubic hair, in fact, I think it’s rather fun to play with. They can keep it, though.

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I like it. It’s been my (limited) experience that a woman who keeps her pubic area shaved for non-medical reasons often has an above-average interest in recreational sex.

Another reason it appeals to me is the cunnilingus factor. (Okay, people all over the country are reeling from suddenly knowing more about me than they ever wanted to know, so I might as well finish it.) I am an ardent fan of going down on women. BUT…pubic hair lessens my enjoyment. Its abrasive qualities can leave the sides of my tongue quite raw after an extended session of worship. It can also become matted and generally get in the way.

(How about that, ladies? a man who likes to go down AND is a fabulous cook. Naturally, I’m married. A single friend once told me that God puts guys like me on earth solely to torment single women with the forlorn hope that they might find one of us still single.)

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Shaving pubes is alright, but I prefer hair. I have done it to myself and various boyfriends. It tends to make your cock look larger which can be a turn on. I personally don’t really care about endowment. Well, I like it if it is thick…length doesn’t matter too much. I don’t know why women would do it. If you look on one of the MPSIMS threads you can tell my lack of knowledge regarding women and sex.


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PS. I did not even know that shaving pubes was taboo.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter