Ladies: Bare down there, or au natural? (TMI)

Me, I’m a “natural” kinda gal. Never caught onto the whole bikini wax craze, or styling the pubic hair into designs. Why would anyone want to look like a prepubescent twelve-year-old, or have a little dolphin or something trimmed out of the hair down there anyway? Doesn’t appeal to me, at least.

Well, I’m a man, but I like it somewhere in between. Not shaved, but trimmed. Long enough so it’s not prickly, but short enought that it doesn’t get in the way.

I like 70’s bush…if anybody’s asking.

So what do you trim it with, then? And do you trim your own, or have someone else do it?

Well, my wife and I both use one of those $9.99 beard trimmers with the plastic pieces that slide over the blade to cut at a uniform length. I generally do it myself, and about half the time I will do hers as well.

Make sure you use the plastic piece, it helps avoid “snags” :eek:

And using the trimmer is good prep if you are going to take the plunge and go all the way. :smiley:

Funny that this thread would happen now – my boyfriend just shaved off his beard, as in about ten minutes ago, and offered me the use of his beard trimmer whenever I want. He said it wasn’t a hint, but he’s heard a lot of women use them for that.

Au naturel for me, at the moment, though I’m not anti-trim. But shaving sounds like a major annoyance at best. Yay for hair down there!

You read it here, people!
Diogenes is pro-Bush.

I am a former dancer, and we had to shave.
I still do, even though No One sees it, it just feels clean.

I think you ought to make that your sig and link to the “offending” post;)

I was dating a guy who definitely preferred me trimmed, and I got into the habit. Once you’re used to it, it’s a lot more comfortable.

Once you’re used to it is the key. First few times, it seems like one of the weirdest things you’ve done. I hope that is enough to tell what I do.

I was with an American volley ball player during college. She was in Dublin for a year studying at UCD. Very aggressive and confident woman (in a good way). We’d be hanging out for a while and she just upped and asked me to spend the night. So one thing leads to the other and I put my hand down there expecting to meet the last line of defense in the form of pubic hair. Absolutely nothing! Astonished, I pulled back and actually got off the bed very much disturbed by what I felt (or didn’t feel). I thought perhaps something may be wrong with her! She laughed, explained about the whole shaving thing (I was 19 and Irish, what did I know!) and told me to come back to bed. I did and I’ve never gone back. Shaved all the way is the only way to go!

Where do these guys get the balls to decide how they “prefer” their women to wear their pubic hair. What the hell business is it of theirs? I find that rather controlling, self-centered and offensive. After 14 years I would still never think it was my place to tell my wife what do do with her own body.

People have preferences. He didn’t force me to do anything.

I trim once a month, just for sanitation concerns during *that * week, but other than that I leave things be…I have a feeling that the usually straight hair my genes granted me require less matenience when it comes to bathing suits and what not given it’s not at all unruly.

I cut myself with one of those once. :frowning:

I trim. I guess I have a bit of a “landing strip” but I can’t imagine being completely bald.

See, I’ve always thought of a “landing strip” as being stranger (on myself; you all do whatever you feel comfortable with, of course) than completely bare. Maybe that’s because of my rather indifferent trimming skills.

Qadgop, don’t read this if you don’t want to know the condition of your daughter’s pubes. There’s nothing scandalous or anything, but… well, I thought you might appreciate it.

[spoiler]I have thick, dark, fast-growing hair. I have soft, extremely pale, sensitive skin. You figure out how reasonable shaving is under those conditions.

I have a little electric trimmer that’s proven to be quite useful. Shaving just doesn’t work for me, but I’m not going for the 70s look.[/spoiler]

Feh, shave that shit bald like a 12yo girl!

It’s the only way to go…

That’s it. I’m not having any kids until this whole internet fad passes.

Qadgop, I feel for you! :smiley:

Hey, if you like it that way, shave your own, I don’t care.

Me, I trim. Black hair, white skin; if I shave, I’m red all over.