Women who own power tools...a poll.

Apart from things like blenders & vacuum cleaners, how many DoperChicks are the primary owner/operators of power tools?

I have a chainsaw, two drills (one cordless, one not), airless paint sprayer, two Dewalt palm sanders, 2500psi power washer & a reciprocating saw.

I could really use a power drill, but I haven’t the money to buy one. I own a jigsaw that I bought at a yard sale for five bucks and had my father fix up, but it’s at home in New York and my mom’s pretty much taken over it.

Crafstman 6 hp air compressor, CP impact, air ratchet, air drill. Also, an odd 110V electric impact wrench.

Craftsman drill, circular saw, sabre saw.

MAPP gas torch and 2 Dremel rotary tools.

When I bought my first house, that first Christmas, my dad gave me a circular saw and a drill. Three years later, I married, and 21 years after getting them, they’re still in use. My husband uses them more than I do, mainly because I let him do the nasty chores that require power tools. 'Cause I might break a nail…


None here.

I’d rather get somebody to fix stuff for me.

Saves on ER visits.

[Homer Simpson]

Women with power tools… mmmmmmmmm!

[/Homer Simpson]

I’m sorry, I thought this was a different sort of power tool thread.


What, you’ve never heard of the “wand o’ love” Dremel tool attachment? I’m sure Anthracite can hook ya up. :smiley:

While I don’t own any power tools at the moment, I’m looking for an opportunity to get some…I’ve been living either in someone else’s home or in a college dorm for the last few years, so I haven’t been able to justify buying any (though a Dremel is handy anywhere…hmmmm).

I recall, though, a scenario from about 7-8 years ago, being out on the porch with a belt sander preparing the railings to be painted while my male roomate sat inside. The neighbors looked askance, but I just smiled and waved. I was having fun.

[li]Compound miter power saw[/li][li]16" variable speed scroll saw[/li][li]saber saw[/li][li]3/8" power drill[/li][li]cordless electric/drill screwdriver[/li][li]1.5 hp router on a compound miter table[/li][li]electric grinder[/li][li]rotary tool with router base, flex shaft attachement and more bits that I can keep track of[/li][li]bench mounted belt/disk sander[/li][li]detail sander, random orbit[/li][li]electric hairdyer used only to warm beeswax for finishing and shrink heat shrink insulation[/li]glue gun

I’ve got a nice cordless drill, a circular saw, and I may get my dad’s radial arm saw soon. And I have a kick-ass sewing machine and a serger. :slight_smile:

Circular saw
Table-top band saw
Soldering iron
Sander (palm size)

I don’t have a lot myself 'cause my dad, a contractor, has everything I’d ever need should I need to borrow something.

I’ve used a table saw, radial arm saw, router, acetylene (?)torch (welding), drill press, lathe, and his miscellaneous stuff.

My SO’s favorite is her Saws-All (do I need the trademark thingy on that?), plus she’s got more hand tools and tool boxes than I do.

And she can kick your ass.

I just thought of a funny story.

My husband is very patient with my love of power tools and doesn’t feel the least bit threatened with my desire to reroof the house, fix the plumbing, or refinish the wood floor (god bless 'im!).

So for my birthday, I’m opening up a present that’s in this little box that he bought for me.

It’s a Stanley[sup]tm[/sup] desk calendar! :smiley: Every day has information on a different tool or different task (installing a garage door opener, installing a fence and gate, etc). It’s great and just the total appropriateness of the gift made me laugh for about 10 minutes straight.

Dremel multi-tool
B&D Versa-pak drill & cordless screwdriver
Makita router
soldering iron - no clue as to brand, as well as some kinda little palm sander dooey that I don’t use.

Mind you, I haven’t used many tools in the past while, since they’re in storage at the ex’s place in Ontario… but DAMN I sure like having the neighbour boy over to help the poor, helpless lady… hee hee… I think I need him to come over and change a light bulb. 'Scuse me…

drills (one each corded and cordless)
circular saw
belt sander
pneumatic nail gun
staple gun

Is a chainsaw really a “power tool”? I always thought of them more as “equipment”, in the same category as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and gas powered hedge trimmers (all of which I also have).

First, let me thank the other ladies here for making me look decidedly “girly” with my LACK of power tools. Y’all are Sooooooo cool: I’m envious. Really.

Personally, I only own:
one Black and Decker cordless drill
one B & D cordless power screwdriver (which I don’t use anymore now that I have the drill and 18,000 little bits and handy attachments), and
The Mouse power palm sander.

In addition, I have an assortment of non-power tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, utility knife, the obligatory jar o’ screws, and several cans of different stains, varnishes, and of course, an entire complement of painting supplies.

I also own my own jumper cables and carry my own tire guage around in my purse. I’m currently shopping for a jigsaw AND a sewing machine.

I think, from these posts, you can tell who has either lived alone, or currently does. At the very least, you can tell who has been forced to fix their own stuff instead of waiting for a man to help us!

Dogzilla, I think you are jumping to conclusions.

I have only lived alone for 3 months of my life. I have been living with my husband since I was 18. I have tools because I use tools. Not because I don’t have a man to rely on, but because I can do the tasks that require the tools well and enjoy doing them.

Some researchers are finding that little girls will gravitate toward building toys like blocks more than boys do. In some cultures, building homes is women’s work. Citing tool posession and usage as unfeminine perpetuates an odious stereotype that is unfounded at its base.
BTW, i forgot to mention my soldering iron :slight_smile:

I LOVE power tools, hand tools, you name it. The smell of Home Depot in the morning, delishus!!

Craftsman powerdrill, assorted bits. I always put in dead bolt locks every time we move.

Poulan gas chain saw and a Poulan electric chain saw.

Ratchet sets, which are a pain. I’m still waiting for an easier way to have an all in one type socket set, so I don’t have to keep remembering measurements.

Plus, leaf blowers, electric hedge clippers. But, my VERY favorite thing is I organized my whole garage with peg board. So, every tool is up on a peg. Anyone use MY tools and then not use WD-40 after cleaning is in SERIOUS trouble! :wink:

Proudest job accomplished, besides child birth. I put up shower doors in my son’s bathroom, replacing those nasty plastic curtains that kept molding all the time.

Not unless you mean my stilettos! vacuous giggle

Seriously, HELL NAW. I’m afraid of that shit.