Women's Health Magazine 10/08 Issue

I have this magazine right in front of me. I saved this issue because the first cover story is “Lose Your Belly! (See results in just 12 days!)” I have, literally, looked at every page in this magazine 3 times and cannot find this article! I’ve searched online to no avail. I would really like to find this article. Is there some reason that there is no article with this title in the magazine? Did anyone else notice and complain? How can I find this article?

Hah! Look what I just found after doing a search containing the exact wording of the title. Pretty sneaky, sis!

I noticed the missing sex article from last month’s issue that she mentioned. My SO saw the cover and was curious and wanted to see the article. We couldn’t find the piece at all, and figured the secrets were so amazing they couldn’t be printed.

I suspect organization and communication could be improved at that magazine office.

Seriously, check out the link. Many were fooled. I definitely will not be buying this magazine again and will spread the word!

Funny tangential thing about that magazine: I’ve been getting it for 2 years without ever having subscribed to it. Sometimes a few months go by without getting it, then I get all the back issues within a couple of days. I have no clue what’s going on with it.

I did not notice the cover/articles weirdness.

This needs to be brought to the attention of Consumer Reports. They’ll at the very least probably put it in their “Selling It” back-page feature.

Ah, I see it. I was blinded by the colors. Yeah, that’s dumb.

Hmm. One more game :smiley:

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