Women's soccer league is holding a tournament

We watched the first game between the Thorns and the Courage today. Between them, they’ve won the last three championships. Courage won 2-1, and the players were clearly out of shape. What was weird is that CBS chose to have fake crowd noise in the background. It was kind of creepy.

Not sure why they would be out of shape because they could train on treadmills, etc. at home or run outdoors. It was 89 there so maybe they were not used to the heat, especially the Portland team. The courage are here in NC so heat is nothing new to them.

We’ve been watching the return of the Bundesliga, and they’ve been doing the same. It bothered me for roughly the first match, but now I’ve grown to like it. I especially like that whoever is controlling it is picking game-appropriate sounds, for example whistling when the home side picks up a foul, etc.

Yeah, it was hot there, and the altitude was affecting them. Both teams seemed to be dragging by halftime.

Aren’t a lot of the USWNT players boycotting?

A few WNT players are not playing . One just had a baby , she’s on maternity leave.