US Women's soccer

Just thought I’d mention that Portland Thorns FC trounced Seattle Reign FC last night 3-1 to take second in the division and home court advantage for next week’s semi-final against the same team, who is in 3rd. Portland took it all last year and will hopefully repeat. Despite the score, it was a hard-fought match.

I’m cheering for Portland as well, but NC Courage has been a destroyer of worlds all season (most GF, fewest GA, 1 loss all season, etc.). However, (1) the final would be in Portland, and (2) McCall Zerboni will be out for NC (who people smarter than I rate a lot more highly than I do). At any rate, fingers crossed!

The Portland fan base is massive and rowdy. They sell out all 21,000 seats for every game and have a lunatic fringe cheering section complete with drums and horns. It’s quite the spectacle.

I’m rooting for AD Franch and still don’t understand why she isn’t getting more call ups to the USWNT.

Portland comes back to win the semi-final 2-1 after a terrible offside call against them! The final is next week, and we’re too late to get tickets. :mad:

due to the storm the #1 seed NC courage cannot host their home playoff game and are forced to play Tues in Portland vs. Chicago

Hadn’t heard that. Good news: we scored tickets for Saturday!

Anyone wanna come down and coach the Pride? We have world-class players (arguably the two best in the world) and we can’t seem to win shit.

The good news for the North Carolina Courage is that they are undefeated on the road (their 1 loss was at home) ;).

Well, they certainly destroyed Portland today, 3-0. Outran them, out played them, and put up a really tough defense. Don’t know what Franch was thinking, coming so far out of the box. It cost them two goals.