Wonder Woman is officially bi-sexual

Not clear on whether it involved a toaster and lovely parting gifts but apparently this happened (officially) in September 2016 so I’m way behind the curve. Not any kind of a brain teaser if you pondered on her origin story for more than a few seconds but still good to have it out and about.

This issue has her out on a date! - Wonder Woman 22 2017

WONDER WOMAN IS BISEXUAL, DC COMICS CONFIRMS - Are you really that surprised?

The interesting thing isn’t so much that she’s bisexual as that she’s probably the only character who wasn’t made retroactively bisexual.

So WW/Black Widow slash is more likely, though still impossible?

“Why do you think we call it Paradise Island?”

This. Hands up from all who didn’t suspect it all along. Plus the bondage aspect. :wink:

Yeah, I was thinking to myself, Suffering Sappho, this is “news”?

There was an obvious gay subtext to Wonder Woman from the very start. Even in the golden age comics, she spent most of her time with Etta Candy and the other Holliday Girls.

I don’t know what has been done with the character in the New 52 and whatever the current reboot is, but in the post-Crisis George Perez reboot, it was certainly acknowledged that the Amazons were a lesbian society (although some, such as those devoted to Artemis, were celibate), so Diana certainly knew how that worked, but it was kind of implied she never partook because…

She was the only girl on Paradise Island and more than two thousand years younger than the other Amazons. She was raised to see them all as aunts, and the other Amazons viewed her as a surrogate daughter, which would make sexual relations kind of squicky. When she went to man’s world, she continued to view other women through a familial lens rather than a romantic one

I’m wondering where the “bi” came from. Was she ever into guys?

Until the last decade every explicit love interest of hers has been a man.

Her most important ones:

Steve Trevor, her only real love interest from her creation up until Crisis. The Earth Two version had a daughter with him. (Hippolyta, who became The Fury, then married Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s son, Hector, who was, IIRC, the Silver Scarab at the time.)

Trevor Barnes, who was significant for a few years in the early 2000s.

Batman was mostly a thing in the DCAU, but was a pretty big thing for a while. (I kind of hate it, but, hey.)

Tom Tresser, AKA, Nemesis. While their relationship had a rather ignominious end, it was a major one for a few years. (And one of the big steps in their relationship was engaging in a sort of betrothal ritual, which made explicit canon that Amazons engage in f/f romantic/sexual relationships.)

Superman, who she was with for 2 or 3 years, up until his most recent ‘death’.

Well, with that lasso of hers, she’s a rapist, so who cares if she’s an equal-opportunity rapist?

Thanks. She’s DC so I stopped caring immediately ;), but I appreciate the litany of people I’ve never heard of, except maybe that bat man. :smiley: