Wondering about the future of portable gaming...

So the Nintendo 3DS is probably the last of the big portable game devices, with stuff like the Switch taking over. But, of course, there’s also smartphones. On the other hand, I don’t know if a current smartphone will ever have the technical capacity to play, for example, a mainline Pokémon game as it exists on 3DS. By the time it does, gamers might be used to even better standards.

So are the nature of portable games going to change to accommodate smartphones? Have we seen the end of lengthy single player games you pay for up front in favor of online multiple play and micro transactions? There will always be that niche, I guess, but enough to support the industry/platform? Or maybe something like the Switch will fill that role? Basically, what I suppose I’m asking is, will the industry go all in on mobile, or will there still be a place for console style gaming in a iPhone filled future?


I think youll get better versions of the switch style of console but instead of hooking up to the tv directly you’ll do something like chrome cast

But tablet/phone gaming is still considered trash next to consoles and the hardcore gamers heve revolted against most of the pay to win stuff

And they’ve tried Android basd consoles no one wanted them for actual games .they’ve turned them into emulation machines

According to rumors Sony has no plans for another handheld so the switch successors won’t have much competition

I think Smart phones are the device that will be used for portable gaming. Rather than make new hardware maybe make an app that then allows you to purchase different, exclusive games on your phone essentially making your phone the gaming system.

I’ve played the full gamut of handhelds, right back to “game and watch” and I have to say that in all that I’ve played I’ve seen lots that have been almost great but I find a phone provides a mostly sub-optimal experience except in certain, rather limited situations.

That being the case I think Nintendo has hit a sweet spot in terms of a mobile experience with the Switch. Full-fat game versions seamlessly moving from big screen to portable. Graphics, screen size and battery life that are *good enough * rather than chasing the cutting edge.
I can’t think of anything else that I need to keep me happy and a gradual power and version iteration over the next decade, keeping backward compatibility, will suit me fine.

What technical capacity do you mean? Phones are way ahead of a 3DS specs-wise. I’m pretty sure there were phones outperforming a 3DS on the day it was released.

I think the technical capacity is more in the interface. A touch-screen is a very poor second-best to a decent joystick and physical button set-up.

Yeah, that’s true. It seems like Apple could make a “switchify” kit with a controller and/or TV dock for gaming with an iPhone or iPad. Maybe they feel it would fragment the market and not enough people would buy it for developers to invest in games that require it.

Well there are already Bluetooth controllers compatible with mobile phones. I have one for my iPhone that is pretty much an Xbox controller. And app support is pretty broad; many games will work with it without even advertising the fact. The downside is that carrying a controller around limits the portability of the platform. I find it works well when I’m traveling somewhere (such as being on vacation), I can pull out my controller, run a game, and it’s like I have a little gaming console to play without having to lug around a big box and cables.

It’s still not quite as nice as a real portable game device that has built-in controls.

No release date yet, but Asus has announced a phone designed for gamers, including shoulder-trigger buttons, externally-mounted heat sinks and various other accessories