Won't someone think of the coupons?

I’m trying to find out what the end stage is for all of the coupons. I have found that they go to a processing center, often in Mexico, but are sorted and shipped back to the manufacturers and then shredded. That was as far as I could get and it was skimpy info at best.

So anyone have any insight? If that is indeed the normal path, what happens to the shredded coupons? Landfill or Recycled?

If you are correct that they are shredded by the manufacturer, it is likely that this is done by one of the major document shredding companies. Here is a link to the environmental statement of one such company, Shred-It: http://www.shredit.com/paper-shredding-environment.asp

Another similar company is Iron Mountain. Looks like they recycle, too. http://www.ironmountain.com/records/shred/howitworks.asp

Coupons? Mail-in coupons?

I don’t remember the last time the coupon got handled by the manufacturer. All the coupons I see are thrown in the trash at the cashier.

I’m talking about the Sunday circular-type coupons. The ones you take to the store and get 35cents off a product you would never otherwise use, hand it to the cashier and get the money off your bill.

If they were thrown out, how would the store recoup the money for the coupon? From what I’ve read, they’re bundled, sent to the store’s headquarters or a processing facility, sent to a clearinghouse where they’re sorted by manufacturer and returned to the manufacturer. The store is paid by either the clearinghouse (who gets their money from the manufacturer) or from the manufacturer directly.

I can get that far. And someone who worked in the industry told me they were eventually shredded. BUT I can’t find anything online that says if they are always shredded and where the paper ends up.

Oh I’m just used to chain store coupons in the circulars, such as show this coupon for 2 for 1 at Shop rite, bring your card for savings, etc. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure coupons are being phased out for instant savings around here.

On a similar note… anyone remember the point system from the back of junk food bags? Cut out 1000 of them and you get a free hat!

Just to follow-up

Someone from another group found several pieces of interesting information:

*"Earlier, I posted that the Kellogg’s customer service rep called me today and told me that the Clearing House shreds the coupons and recycles them.
*I had also emailed the Association of Coupon Professionals and just got a response this evening. This is some of what he had to say: “Nearly all the processing is done in Mexico to take advantage of cheaper labor rates, and available workers…The coupons are stored for a short period of time, several months, and then are shredded. Some end up in landfills, some are recycled.”
So not cut and dried; some are landfill bound and some are recycled.

There are companies that shred things for business. When I was the assistant controller we used a company that would pick up our business documents each week and shred them. Don’t ask me why we just didn’t buy a paper shredder ourselves, but the corporate management insisted we use an offsite company to shred our documents with sensitive information on them, like H/R applications and credit card numbers