Won't Trump just F-F-F-Fade away

I know this is correct (as much as I wish it was not). But I expect even the more progressive tolerant networks to start criticizing him too. CNN and MSNBC will manage to find fault and pick at scabs because no conflict means no ratings.

Trump lives for his rallies. Why not open a theater in Branson, and every day can be a non-stop rally. It could also be a studio, with spiels broadcast live, and recorded for sale in the MAGA gift shop on the way out.

I just tend to think that his brand is based on “winning,” and that he’s losing so badly now that it is damaging. Sure, he’ll hold on to some who are able to doublethink their way into thinking he won, but people will increasingly accept that he lost.

The spotlight will be off of him. Even if he gets his own network, that will be the only one focusing on him, and what he does will be less exciting when the MSM is not paying attention to him. It doesn’t have to be “no attention” to cause drops.

I also remember a survey saying that 80% of people accept that Biden is president. That means over half of his supporters accept that he lost–that he’s a loser.

I also do think his health is not great, and that he’s very likely to not be able to sustain the level of interaction he’s done so far–possibly to the point he winds up dying.

I think more of a concern is that the horribleness Trump has shone the light on in this country won’t just fade away. His strategy worked once and almost worked again. He showed that many people are okay with subverting democracy itself. There will be someone else who is more conniving and can do what Trump did while not being so odious–not making Trump’s mistakes. We need to be prepared for that.

We’re not just cleaning up after a disaster. We also need to prepare for the second wave.

I don’t see Trump holding the public interest without the agency of the Presidency (or money, if my suspicions bear out). Right know he can do almost anything up to and including starting WWIII. Come January 21, he can’t really do anything any more noteworthy than maybe scare some incumbent Republican with a nasty tweet. Trump’s most likely opportunities for drawing the public eye will be his court appearances and potential imprisonment.

Trump wants some pathetic revenge:

And he still has the power to get it.