Won't you be my neighbor?

Well, it appears that Fred Rogers is taping his final shows. To many cynical adults, he is someone to mock, but to people who can still attempt to recall the joy and simplicity of youth, he was a calm and comforting presence.

So, in a sort of honor for Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood, what is your most cherished memory of youth?

Mine was my third birthday, blowing out the candles, wearing a funny hat, sitting on my grandfathers lap. Oddly, it is also the clearest memory I have of myself before I was five.

A great memory is staying up all night to bake Christmas cookies with my mom on Christmas Eve. That came immediately to mind, because I don’t remember doing many fun things together.

Digging holes in our backyard, selling lemonade in the front yard and playing with Red Dog (my irish setter).

:: Sniff ::

Sitting on the stoop of the greystone where we lived playing with the upstairs neighbor’s noah’s ark wooden set. 4-5 yrs. old.

My mom singing “Dance With me” by The Orleans and twirling me around in her arms. I couldn’t have been more than three or four 'cause I remember how effortlessly she swung me!

Writing the date 1/9/76 and thinking that was so cool

Staring up at the cracks in our living room ceiling as I suffered through scarlet fever for a week with temps above 100.
Christmas when I was five, getting a Wolfman action Figure and a qt. size jar of trail mix tied with a gingham ribbon. I can taste that trail mix to this day.

Getting yelled at by the asshole fundamentalist Christian commune leaders my family lived in for a while for getting caught reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago”.
I was 9 and I remember a profound sense of empathy for the author as they threw the book away - I had already read it once so I was less concerned about the story as the idea of censorship.

I love Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I try to get my kids to watch it whenever I can. He never spoke down to the kids-always honest and genuinely enthusiastic about his work.