RIP Mr.Rogers......
A sad occcurence indeed.

Oh shit. This is terrible news.

How sad.


If I had a sweater, I would wear it tomorrow just for this.


The first thing I saw when I turned the TV on this morning. He left a great legacy.

I can’t tell you how genuinely sad this news makes me. As far as kids’ programming goes, Mr. Rogers was a beacon of calm intelligence in a sea of inanity. Rest in peace, neighbor.:frowning:

This is so sad. I did my share of mocking the “beautiful day in the neighborhood” when I was an oh-so-cool non-parental unit. But when I watched my daughter watching the show, and then watched it with her, I realized what a treasure it was.

Fred Rogers was a gentle man and a gentleman. The world is poorer for his death.

My kids always liked him.


When we were first married, one of my wife’s co-workers related how, when her daughters were young, they were living on a Marine base, and all the contact with men her girls had were big, loud, blustery Marines. She was glad they had someone like Fred Rogers, so they could see that men can also have a quiet, gentle, introspective, childlike side.

He will be missed.

Thank you, neighbor. We liked you just the way you were.




Where the hell is the “bawling like a baby” smilie?

Thank you for many happy years and a message that will carry through the ages, Mr. Rogers.


Shari Lewis and Mr. Rogers both gone now. My kids loved them both.

Another sad day today.

Goodbye Mr. Rogers.

Remember the “When this celebrity dies, I will cry” thread?

I dunno if Fred Rogers was mentioned, but in any case, I’m adding him.



I cried too.

My mother got addicted to Mr. Rogers neighborhood was she was dying of cancer at the age of 63! I’ll always remember how he gave her some relief in her last months.

Aw, that’s sad news. I watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood daily as a child, and there was such a soothing gentleness to the show.
Admittedly, I felt (even at the tender age of five) that Mr. Rogers and his show were incredibly dorky, but it says something that that didn’t keep me from watching. It may have been goofy (does anyone remember the opera that involved polishing leaves? Man, that was strange), but it was comforting and reassuring, and that’s pretty damn important to kids.

May he rest in peace.

The end of an era.


I feel badly. I was never a fan even as a kid I waited his show out so I could watch electric company, however, I do see his value and he was such a genuine person who was just good you can’t help but feel sad at his passing.

These days you’ll never find another like him with all the TV for kids consisting of winks and smirks to the adults and little of the discovery and wonderment that children see in the everyday, which Fred Rogers recognized.
I’ll miss him. Luckily his legacy has been recorded that others may share in his Beautiful days in the neighbourhood.

While the images of Lady Elaine Fairchild hacking me to pieces in my childhood dreams continue to haunt me, I’ll still miss him.

Damn, that’s depressing.