Woo-hoo! FFTactics for GBA


Mentioned on the second page, but it is an interesting article anyway. Looks like I will be picking up the GBA after all. :smiley:

How ironic. If erislover started a “who wants to sell their GBA” thread before this one, I probably would’ve been first in line.

Now, well, I guess I wait.

That’s cool. I’m also looking forward to the new Wizardry game for GBA.

I have a GBA, the display is pretty dim & this is just the way it is. There is rumor they are coming out with a backlit GBA. That would be great. Be sure to try the GBA in the store first & get a light for it, the brightest one you can & try it with your gba in the store if you can.

Id like to get the shock&rock for the GBA too so I can feel the sound.