Woo-hoo! I am posting from my Blackberry like a motherfuck!

I guess the stars are aligned tonight. I’ve been able to read the SDMB on my portable email device before, but never post. Good thing I have something to do, too, because this cab driver can’t read a fucking streetr sign to save his life.


Woo-hoo! Cliffy am owing me a new monitor due to diet coke covering mine!


Heh. Sorry.


Oh, very cool. I read the boards all the time using my BlackBerry. I’ve never even considered posting from it, however. And you even started a thread from yours, no less. Consider me impressed.

What model BlackBerry device are you using? Which browser are you using?

Um, the blue one? :wink:

According to the About screen, it’s a BB 6230 and I’m using whatever browsing software my company loaded on.


Despite sitting at my desk in front of my PC, I chose to answer this thread on my Treo!

Hi, Cliffy!

Woot! We’re the wireless generation! Well, I mean, all generations are wireless because people don’t have wires but, oh, hell, whatever.