WOO WOO WOO! Here comes the Crank Patrol - Buzynski edition!

Ugh. This fucker just won’t die. 35 years. It’s been over 35 years since this quack started offering his wonderful antineoplaston therapy. 35 years and he has yet to provide any significant evidence that it actually works. 35 years of nothing to back him up but individual patient reports. You know, you’d think that the fucker getting into bed with John Merola and Joseph Mercola would give most people pause, but no, apparently their names aren’t as synonymous with bullshit as they deserve to be. Pity. Hell, you even get their supporters bandying around the old “I will never give authorization to a drug not from a major corporation” chestnut from some chief of the FDA - a quote that, to date, nobody has ever been able to track to a legitimate source.

It’s like these people either lack a bullshit filter, or have it finely-calibrated to reject anything that sounds even remotely reasonable. I would bring up a family friend at this point, but SDMB has made it excessively clear that my personal life is suspect and subject to instant claims of “not true”, so I’ll just leave it at the statement that Burzynski (and Mercola too) can suck a gigantic bag of dicks.

Wow no link to anything in the OP to help people understand what in the hell the rant is actually about = FAIL.

This might help the rest of us get up to speed on the OP’s outrage.

Figured there was general knowledge about Burzynski.

That help any? Here’s one more for good measure:

So just tell us which areas of your life you’ve been exaggerating about and we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on the personal stories you post here.

Wanna do something about it?

The page goes on to give instructions and recommendations for how to contact your congressperson to push for legislative action.

(I realize this initiative from the skeptics movement is over a month old but only just listened to the relevant SGU episode tonight. Relevant segment is about at the halfway point).

An update:

They are getting him on false advertising. Shades of getting Capone on tax evasion.