Wood working engineer types

I am working on an adaptor for my 6" belt sander that will turn it into a precision thickness sander. Everything seems to be working pretty well except for the feed speed which I am doing by hand. I am thinking because it is allready on a slope I could use a gravity feed as not much pressure is required to feed it through.

My question is I need the slickest surfaces possible to allow these items to slide. My material will be sitting on a 36" metal sled that weighs about 1# and the feed platform is on about a 20 degree angle. What material for slick surfaces should I be looking at?

Teflon all the way. They make them already from Burmeister I think they are called slick strips or something.

HDPE. High Density Polyethylene. Low coefficient of friction, easily available, easy to machine and quite resistant to wear and chemicals.

Yep. HDPE is the stuff. You can buy it from plastics stockists, but an alternative, and good source is plastic chopping boards.

HDPE is very good. Another choice is this GPO-3 stuff which is used as sliding surface material in a variety of woodworking tools such as this Incra table saw sled.

I actually have a dealer just about a mile from my house.

I was going to suggest UHMW plastic (ultra high molecular weight polyethelene, aka UHMWPE). It’s actually rather close to HDPE - a bit tougher and somewhat harder to cut and shape (but still fairly easy).

Teflon is very low friction, but is both expensive and easily damaged - probably not tough enough for this application.

Had to step away before. The reason to use the GPO-3 is that it’s much more dimensionally stable than HDPE or UHMW, and machines better as well.

I did something really dumb, I was blaming an inconsistent feed on the little dips I was getting. It was actually my exit table was too short and it was high centering , I have nothing to hold it down on the exit side of the sanding drum. I still like the idea of a gravity feed though. Once the material went high center it would make a little dip and then start a slight taper in thickness all the way to the end, only a few thousands but still too much.

McMaster Carr has UHMWPE with sticky back.

They are a great company to work with, I often get my orders the same day I place them.