Wooden floor buffer

Can anyone suggest a buffer machine for wooden floors?

I’m looking for something to help wax the floors. I borrowed one and spread the paste wax by hand, then ran the machine over it. The floors look great, but I can’t continue to borrow the machine.

I only have about three rooms to do, so I don’t need a big machine. The one I borrowed had brushes and then a couple of polisher attachments.

I checked the Consumer Reports index and couldn’t find anything. So I turn to the Dope for help.



How often are you doing this? If you are only buffing say, twice a year, maybe rent one each time? Or is that an option out in the Wild West?

Rental places have the HUGE buffers, intended to do HUGE floors.

I’d like something I can keep at home, so I can do it when the whim strikes, rather than having to coordinate with a rental.

I’m interested as well. My whole house is wood floors, and keeping them dusted is a chore in itself (esp. with my long hair). I know they’d look better with a buffer, so if anyone knows of a better buffer, bring it on before I get to bitter to buffer.


Visit www.hoover.com and look under the Specialty section. You’ll see two models, called the FloorMax and FloorMax Supreme, which you can click on for info and a picture. I think this sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to buy…

When I still lived at my parents’ place, we used an Electrolux carpet/shampoo called the Floor Pro (click through, and click “more details” machine with three spinning brushes. It is also useable as a buffer, with two sets of buffer pads - one more coarse for the initial buffing, then another that is quite soft for the final polish.

Works like a dream, and they also sell the waxes for all your buffing needs.

In my experience, it works wonders… and my parents’ wooden floor requires waxing…


We have owned the Hoover FloorMax for the past three years. We use it to wax and buff a large cork floor and a flagstone tiled entry area. It works great with Johnson’s paste wax and another neato product from Germany called Osmo Color wax cleaner. The machine is lightweight and fairly quiet, and doesn’t take up much storage space. I think we paid about $100. It is not as heavy duty as a large rental unit, but I only needed that the first time after the cork floor was installed.

Hoover offers one or two other buffing related machines, but this model doesn’t involve any washing or shampooing functions–just basic buffing and as a result it is cheaper.

Waxed floors are great. Enjoy!