Woody Allen's wife Soon-Yi betrayed her own mother by dating her boyfriend.

And yet Morgan Freeman never gets any flack for marrying his almost-granddaughter. Well, he gets some flack but nowhere near what Woody Allen gets.

Haven’t Freeman and Hines both denied any such relationship?

I wasn’t aware that Frank Sinatra had been dating Mia Farrow’s mother at the time. Huh, learn something new everyday! :dubious:

I think part of the problem was the way Mia was blindsided. Allen stated that she would have felt the same way if he had started dating his secretary. He might have felt that their relationship was over but she clearly wasnt aware that they were broken up. Second, she asked Allen to spend time with Soon-Yi who she clearly felt was her daughter. When you ask the man you are dating to get to know your daughter you don’t expect to find nude pictures of her in his home.

That said, Soon-Yi was technically an adult, although still a college student living at home when they began sleeping together. There are a lot of reports that she is an intelligent woman but I have never seen any interviews with her. I would like to hear her side of the story before condemning her.

They all seem to be pretty horrible people but I find Allen’s attitude that he didn’t want to tell Mia unless he was sure that the relationship would last particularly insensitive. If he really did not understand that Mia would be upset than he is one of the most self-absorbed people on the planet. If he did realize it and decided to deliberately keep her in the dark then he is a jerk. Even though legally he did nothing wrong, he doesn’t come out of this well.

As for Mia, she appears to be pretty messed up as well and particularly vindictive by all accounts. And if Soon-Yi was so mature for her age and intelligent then she would have asked Allen to break up with her mother before sleeping with him. If the argument is that she was a teenager and too immature to talk to her mother or at least move out and stop letting her mother support her before sleeping with Allen then I argue that she was not mature enough to be in the relationship at all.

Everybody comes out looking bad to me.

Psychobunny, that was a great post.

it would be seriously nice if people would leave this very sad family alone imo.

its seriously a bit sick to dig into this for a start. celebrities or whatever, you’re a bunch of perves.

When this whole mess went down, I predicted that Woody and Soon-Yi would be together forever, because the public might interpret a breakup as being the couple admitting they were wrong, and they will never do that.

what is wrong is people’s unnatural obsession with this family who is in the public eye but live and let live.

Sentrix, you’ve posted the same thought three times. You were perfectly understandable in your first post. No need to keep repeating yourself.

Also, for those who say Allen was not Previn’s father figure, sure he was. Andre Previn was her father, but mother’s boyfriends/husbands are de facto father figures, just like uncles and grandfathers. There are a ton of pictures out there of Woody, Mia, and Soon-Yi at different ages, along with various siblings. Smiling for the camera, walking down the street, hauling duffel bags through airports. If, as Allen has claimed, the two hardly spoke to one another prior to their dating, they were ignoring each in very close proximity.

Exactly. My opinion is that Woody married Soon-Yi to show how much he loves her and what a great guy he is, and she married him to show Mia she could get him to marry her, which Mia never did.

If I found out my long time lover was screwing my 17 year old daughter, I’d go ballistic too.

During the custody trail, Woody said he made a distinction between “biological children and adopted children,” stating that the bonds of adoption weren’t as strong as the bonds of biology. I wonder how his and Soon-Yi’s two adopted daughters feel about that statement.

Not 17. Her birth records are missing but she was at least 19, possibly 21.

This is a pretty good article summing up what is known/not known about the whole mess.

And here’s a pretty good rebuttal to that pretty good article. Also here

Also, Soon Yi was possibly 17 but more likely 18 to 20. She really could be a smidge older or younger, but 19 is the best bet, and 1973 is her “official” year of birth. Granted, when kids suffer the type of early deprivation Soon Yi suffered, they tend to look younger than their age. And it goes to show that, really, whether or not she was chronologically 17 or 21 is completely irrelevant to this case.


except this sad family keeps throwing in our faces!

I’m a bad person to think Woody Allen is a good filmmaker. Cate Blanchet is a bad person for being in his film.

This sad family, specifically Mia and her daughter, stick it in our faces. Now they can deal with people deciding they are full of shit.

Interesting interview with Allen. It’s dated 2001 but it appears to be from back in about 1992 or 1993. It gives some insight into his thought processes , which I will refrain from commenting on.

Well, if you want to clarify your motives for dating Woody Allen, all I can say is 'You’d better get to it!" :wink:

IIRC, Wikipedia says that she isn’t quite sure that she is broken up with Sinatra.

“In a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair, Farrow stated that Ronan could “possibly” be the biological child of her first husband” Frank Sinatra, with whom she claims to have “never really split up”.[41]

I don’t think you understand the use of the word *incestuous, *handsome harry.

Incest refers to a relationship which is illegal under the law. Incestuous means when people have inappropriately close relationships that are problematic in a conflict of interest sort of way.

Check my last post to see that I didn’t call the relationship a triangle but rather a tangle. This is an apt description for people who are in this incestuous situation.

I think that I quite know what incestuous means. I chose the *first *preference, which puts it as meaning ‘of or related to incest’ which is the reason it is called ‘incestuous’ and is the first preference. And, let’s be real, it is a real stretch to say that calling something ‘incest’ does not mean ‘incest’ when the clear implication of using that term, in *this *case, a case in which the mother of somebody called the relationship ‘incest’, is too casual to be called a responsible usage of the word (dictionary.com put it as a 3rd preferred usage.) I have, whenever appropriate, used the word incestuous in the sense that you have described, knowing full well that it was not the preferred meaning, or the general usage of the word.

Tangle/Triangle: so kill me.