WOOHOO!!!! 2 and 0!

I’m just returning from a lacrosse trip to Pittsburgh. Pitt was the number 22 club team in the country, and we knocked them off 11-8! The other game was against a division II school, and we beat them 11-2. I’m exhasted right now but had to post.
It’s a good day to be a Bronco.


Did you play two games in one day, or was this over the whole weekend?

Tenebras, who is slightly clueless about how team sports work…

They seem to be in a rut, when it comes to scoring. :smiley:

Maybe it’s like ping-pong, where you play till someone gets 11?

Our first game, against the weaker team, was Saturday night at 10:30. We played Pitt at 9:30 the next morning. We were a bit tired, to say the least. Oh, and the score being 11 each game was a coincidence :wink: