Woohoo, 30 pushups.

Mpsims, but I’m happy today. I have been getting horribly out of shape the last couple years. A couple months ago I decided to do at least a little something about it.

I started doing basic no weights (letting my back heal up for once) exercises.
And today I finally hit one of my goals. 30 Pushups in 30 seconds without breaking form. Not much to some people I know but when you’re 5-10, 300 lb and could only do 5 crappy form push-ups a few months ago, it feels pretty cool. :cool:

Good for you bro. I remember years ago I played pushup poker (that doesn’t sound right) with some friends. Ok that sounded totally wrong, let me try again. Instead of money, the loser did pushups. I lost the game, but it got me in the habit of doing pushups.

Good job! I can’t do two, and I weigh 110 lbs and lift weights.

Not to burst your bubble, but my husband does 700 in 2 hours. Freeking amazing.

Doesn’t hubby get bored? I only do half-push-ups, but I once got to the point where I could do 50 or so… and then I would just end up losing count cos I got too bored… :smack:

(Attention problems or something, I’m one of those weirdos who get bored unless they’re allowed to do several things at once; drives some bosses and teachers up the walls)

Good job, sir.

I would love to be able to do single arm push-ups… I’m strong enough, but can never find the right stance, or balance. I always fall over. Any tips?

I can’t even do one. Last time I tried, my sub scapular (?) muscle gave way; I’ve had problems with that muscle for 10 years.

Hey, congratulations! That’s awesome!

Isn’t it great to reach your fitness goals? I never used to be a “goals” person. Like, my goal was to exercise on a regular basis. Anything more than that was just looking for disappointment. Many cruel flashbacks to gym class, I guess, and failure to meet some sort of arbitrary standard of “improvement” in the course of a “unit.” I was somewhat astounded to find that I can set a goal, keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, toward the goal, and, believe it or not, my body will improve! Crazy how that works, isn’t it?

Rock on!

He gave it up once he hit the goal. He does well-rounded workouts now. That was more of a man-over-age competition in his brain. He’s 60.

Same here. More than 40 or 50 reps of anything and…you’re doing cardio. And if I’m doing cardio, I’d rather I did it outside, listening to music, where all the pretty girls are. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of an exercise drill a friend of mine does (he does a lot of martial arts and I think he’s a physical trainer). Basically, you take a deck of cards, designate each suit an exercise (e.g. clubs = crunches, hearts = pushups, etc), then shuffle and draw. You do x reps of whatever suit’s exercise comes up, where x is equal to the card’s value. Discard. Repeat until you can’t take it any more. Works best when you have a room full of people to torment.

Oh, and congratulations–that’s actually pretty damn strong. I don’t think I could do 30 pushups with 130 lbs on my back…I’d actually be kinda curious to see what would happen if you got in the weight room and tested your strength levels…

30 in 30 seconds? awsome. My question is how do you do em so fast? I have to be able to do 40 in two minutes to pass my fitness test for the Army, and can do 50 in the two minutes. My problem is speed. How do you go from full arm extention to forearms paralell to the ground, and back to full extention in 1 second? I just can’t move that fast. Is there a trick to it?

If you don’t mind my asking how tall are you? I have been told (and makes sense to me) that short people have an easier time doing push ups because they have shorter arms so don’t have as far to move. Maybe my 6’4" is just too tall to do fast push ups.

Congratulations on making your goal. Don’t slack off now. Keep going.


wolfman, congratulations!

Stick your opposite leg way out, so the push-up arm and your feet form a big triangle. Place your hand on the ground close to your shoulder. Go slow to start with!

The general rule is that the wider the legs are spread the easier they are to do. Once a long time ago in, practically, another life I was actually able to crank out about 10 with either arm and feet 12 in. or less apart (I can’t remember if I had them touching).

Ok, I just tried it and I can do one push up with my right arm and feet ~1 ft. apart. Of course I kinda feel like a pulled a muscle in my LEFT shoulder after doing it. Remember to stretch thoroughly after at least one min. of cardio to warm up. :slight_smile:

As for the speed thing I have found that being a bit short (for only the third time) was an advantage. I did my best with wide arm push-ups, with my fingers pointed out and I wasn’t pushing up so much as pushing each arm against the other and thereby moving my chest up, this really smokes your shoulders but is pretty easy on the chest. I would let my body free fall and would only expend energy stoping my body when my upper arm was parallel to the ground. I would push such that I could lock my arms and prepare to bend them again before my mass hit its dead point (like I was pushing enough to almost lift my body off the ground, so used the moment of weightlessness to lock/unlock my arms).

My moment of, almost, push up glory came in JUN 2000 (yes I’m pathetic and can remember the date) when I went like gang busters for a two min. push up test and I hit something like 75 (100% on the test was 71 if I recall, so I had my grade clinched) in the first min. and thought “hey, if I keep this up I can hit 100” which had always been a personal goal. Well I did 99 and stalled, hit muscle failure and collapsed on the 100th push up (mental block I think). I was not happy, I yelled at myself for a second and punched the floor. My buddies thought I had failed.

So anyhow, there is my tutorial on wide arm speed pushups. Oh, and on another conceited note I’ve only had something like one push up not counted because of poor form, love the body tension!

Congrats dude! I was doing pushups and I can do about 10 before breaking form, and that 10th is a real strain. Last Friday when I did them I decided to knee push ups afterward to work the muscles that much more - and @(&(@& did I pay for it. I’ll let you know when I hit 30 in 30 seconds :wink:

Dude, that’s awesome! Definately something to be proud of. You da Wolfman!

I remember 20 years back when I was pledging three of us had to do pushups for a minute or two. One guy did about a dozen, I was at 110 and a guy on the track team was up around the 130s. The other day though I struggled with 20. Afterward, I looked like that person in the commercial… “Help… I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Bwhaaa… holy cow! At 60? Dearie, please shake his hand for me. That’s really impressive.

No kidding! hat’s like 6 in a minute for two hours! It can take me 2 hours just to do 6! I wish I was kidding. I was hard as woodpecker lips in the Army, but not so much now.

Good work, wolfman.

Very impressive. I’ve been on a weight loss regimen for the past fifteen months and have lost a massive amount of weight in that time but still cannot do too many pushups. I can do ten in about the same time on a good day but, more often, I make it to five, stall, and give up.