Well, i guess this is mpsims material…
i set a new record in me weight training class at school on friday for the leg press machine, 600lbs!!! (300kg) I am kinda proud of that, i smashed the old record, which was 300lbs (150kg). God, i love football! :slight_smile:

All right, Kaos!

I guess I’m just better off living with my inner tensions.

Way to go! Kaos rules!

With a username like Kaos, how soon do you think Totilhate posts here?

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Don’t hurt me, but how do you weightlifters do your math? There are 2.2 lbs in a kilogram, not 2.0.

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Yer pal, UncleBeer.

I was wondering the same thing UB. GMTA.

FWIW kaos, that’s why 45lb plates are standard, because it’s almost exactly 20 kilos. Conversion errors aside you got some powerful legs there.

Was that a standard CAT type machine or a Nautilus? Cause I could do 660 on our old Nautilus, but I was weak as a kitten on our CAT. There was one person who could do 700, but SHE was really short. Seriously! Of course this has been over a year, so my figures could be SLIGHTLY off.



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j/k j/k -

Nice job, don’t hurt yourself… or me, for that matter.

Way to go man. I hope you get your name on the wall or something.
Congrats and keep lifting.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”

Old record was ~300lbs? New one is ~600lbs?

So, either you’re totally full of shit, or exaggerating. I take that back, You might be a 16 year old in Jr High.

Sorry to be mean, but that just doesn’t hold any water, at all. ~600lbs is a pretty pathetic record for any high school in the leg press (I assume you are refering to the free weight angled leg press, the standard freeweight machine for leg presses: seen here ). 1000lbs is pretty standard fare in the typical football locker room. My out of shape ass does 590lbs for a final set of 10 reps every week.

I’d take the calculator w/ you next time.

Okay Chiefy…you better watch it…just because I really want a postcard from Italy…



Well, I didn’t want to say anything…
but it did seem a lil strange.
I’m sure there is perfectly reasonable explanation.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”

Well, i am not exaggerating, and I am not full of shit, i been playing football for 3 years, and that has done a significant amount of muscle building to my legs, and yes I am a 16 year old male at the Notre Dame Catholic High School, in Welland Ontario. And yes, i know that there is 2.2 lbs in a kilogram, I am just too lazy to take into account the deciaml point! And i do the 600lbs for my 4th set (6 reps), so…yeah

Anything else? :smiley:

Since I’ve registered on this message board, I’ve tried to keep my nose out of flame-fests because I’m a lover not a fighter, but Jesus Christ Omniscient, cut the kid a break!

Are you such a pathetic prick that you can’t give him credit for an accomplishment that he’s proud of? Does it give you joy to take the wind out of his sails? I’m sure he didn’t post this here to be ridiculed by your sorry-ass. Why would he make this up? So what if you think this is pathetic for a school record. Even if it is, he still achieved something that he deems praiseworthy, so why don’t you just chill out and let him bask in his own personal moment of glory.

Oh yeah, and by the way. Congratulations kaos on a job well done. Maybe if you keep working hard, one day you might meet Omniscient’s standards.

Hey, I’m not trying to piss on anyones parade just because I get my jollies off it.

Look at the facts. He claims to have doubled the current record. I suppose hearing Carl Lewis long jumped 60 feet in the olympics wouldn’t give you pause? The fact that he wasn’t able, or didn’t even give the correct weight conversions doesn’t lend much credibility. The fact that his “record max” has evolved into a set of 4 reps sure makes his story seem flexilble. I’ve spent alot of time in gyms, and I am simply giving some perspective to the claims.

Now, if anyone, including him want to place a bit more context to support this I’ll apologize and give my support, but I’m not gonna stand here and listen to fantastic claims that I don’t believe while he soaks up his triumph. It’s phony, I call 'em like I see 'em.

ok want to know all the bloody gorry details?

it was the last day at school before march break, and we didn;t have nothing to do in that class. The old calss record was 300lbs, and i broke it. And i am sorry if I only got 76% in math class, but i am just to dam lazy to care about that little .2 in every kg=lbs! I did my warm up sets, and then got into my workout I did my 12, 10, 8, and then on the last set of 6, i put on 600lbs and did it 6 times, thus smashing the old record. And i am sorry if i burst your bubble guy, but i really don;t care what u think. I know i did it, and if you don’t beleive me, get your sorry scrawny ass down here and a i will show you you stuck up son of a bitch!

It is this exact attitude that crashes Mars Probes and the like :smiley:

Otherwise: mind your language kaos… although I can understand you’re a bit upset. Oh, and try to speak English the next time :wink:

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yes, sorry about the language thing, i get quite verbal sometimes.

I know that the .2 is importnat in some things, but this is just weight lifting, and i rounded it down to 2, so actually it was like 605lbs, something along those lines.

Well Jr. you’re not helping your case much. Not only is your school quite a bit behind on the weight training front, but the English courses aren’t exactly propping up the standard of education. Maybe you dropped the weights on your head?