About to Join the 1000 Pound Club

I didn’t even realize it until I actually wrote all the numbers down yesterday. I’ve been working hard since October, and am close to a true benchmark. Right now I can claim 365 squats, 275 bench, and 315 on deadlift. I’ve only been doing deadlifts for a month, though, and I was able to do five at 315. Bill Starr’s calculator says that’s equivalent to a one rep max of 355. So, basically, I’m at 995 pounds right now. I’ve pretty much plateaued on bench, and squats are starting to taper off, but I’ve got a lot of room to grow on deadlifts, since I haven’t been training them very long.

Rugby practice starts tomorrow, so I’m changing my training goals, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to meet this one in the gym tonight. I’ll let be sure to let you guys know.

Congrats dude, that’s always a great barrier to break.


I think you’re about four times what I can do, given that I’ve never done squats or deadlift. But when I started a year or so ago, I could barely lift the bar. Now I’m doing a hundred pounds on the military press. Not bad for a middle-aged geek after 20 years of sitting at a desk…

Tear it up!

That’s awesome, Santo Rugger. How much do you weigh?

Thanks, guys!

I’m right at 250 since I started taking creatine about ten days ago; I was at around 243 at that time. I’m carrying around an extra 20 lbs or so, but I’m just under 6’, so I like to think I’m carrying it well. I’m more impressed with my workout partner, though. He started out weighing 185, and now he’s up to 200 with very little body fat, and is just barely behind me on all the lifts.
Sunspace**, good on ya, man. Keep it up! I do military presses once a week, and they still make my shoulders burn. Good stuff right there.

Humm - am I the only person who read the thread title and though the OP was going to say he almost weighed 1,000 pounds?

Er, congrats, BTW. That should come in handy if you even need to move a fridge. :slight_smile:

alice, you’re not the only one who thought he weighed almost half a ton.

Congratulations, Santo!


Thanks gals!

And I sure am glad I’m closer to weighing 1/8 ton than I am to weighing 1/2 ton!!!

I never could do squats, but at my best I could bench 315 on Olympic weights. Now my strength is much diminished, but I in September of last year I started to lift regularly again.

Congrats! You go!

I’ve never heard of this 1000lb club, but sounds like you’re doing awesome. In fact, you’re doing more than me so therefore I hate you.

Congrats anyways! :smiley:

Congratulations Donkey! :wink: Let me know when you get to 1200. I’m hoping to get to 1300 or more this year.

Nope–thought so, too. But was confused as I know the OP is a rugby player. Then I thought maybe 1,000 pounds was the sum total of all that he’d lost over the years (you know, lose a few, gain a few more, etc.). But in any event, congrats!

Congratulations on reaching 1000, you don’t know how happy it makes me to see a Bill Starr reference in here; he’s one of my few heroes but I haven’t lifted for a few years now. Also, haven’t kept up with Bill Starr and all the Ironmind/Milo writers. I forget where I reached on all the lifts, but bench was 315 and 355 with a Bench shirt. Have you been following any of Bill’s routine’s such as the 5x5 as well? I always liked the old-time training methods since they were (mostly) proven to have worked in the pre-steroids era and were more about hard work and good technique than fancy NASA-approved split routines and all that crap.

Quite frankly, I would have been a lot more impressed if that was the case. Nothing against his accomplishments or anything, but there are plenty of big, strong guys out there. No so many half-tons of fun.

Thanks, HongKongFooey! A fellow Doper actually directed me to Bill Starr’s 5x5, which I’ve been using for about 6 weeks now. I’m still a beginner by his definition, since my lifts are still going up so quick. Bill Starr says not to modify his programs, but since my fitness goal isn’t purely power lifting, I do a lot of the first sets at a higher weight than he suggests. When the rugby season is over, I’ll probably be more strict with the numbers of his intermediate program.

315 is my current goal on bench; it would be so awesome to put up three plates, especially since that’s about when you can notice the bar bending when you take it off the rack (plus, I mean… come on! It’s THREE plates!). I looked into bench shirts, but I’m just now getting to the point where I’m letting myself take creatine and using lifting straps, so a bench shirt isn’t really in my realm of thought right now. 405 is my current goal on squats. I haven’t really set a goal for deadlifts yet, since I just started doing them and I’m not really sure what I’m capable of yet.

With those numbers, you are not a standoff! I must say, though, I’m quite impressed that you’ve only posted 230 times in the last eight years, and I’ve been involved in the threads you’ve posted in for at leas a couple dozen of them.P.S. Where does Donkey come from?

Flattery will get you nowhere. :mad:

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Heh. That’s probably the case, as I used to wrestle in high school.

It might have a bigger “Wow!” factor, but I’m pretty sure the gals I hang with wouldn’t be impressed! :eek:

I’m no longer a standoff. I’m at 242 right now and I’m trying to get to about 245 or 250 (at around 10% b.f.) to play prop before I retire. Always wanted to play prop but was never big enough. That is no longer the case. :smiley:

And donkey is just one of my many pet names for a forward.

Most of the big strong guys out there seem to regard double bodyweight as a nice starting goal.

Make sure your neck isn’t still pencil thin like it was when you were standoff. It’s going to be sore till Wednesday from a match on Saturday; get used to that. Also, it’s considered bad form to have a comb in your pocket in the scrummage.

I’ve heard that, also. How about the big guys? Or the strong guys? I don’t see myself as being a big strong guy any time soon, by that definition. :frowning: