Santo Rugger (RIP Santo Rugger)

I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple of days but honestly I wasn’t sure what to say. I found out last week that Santo Rugger was in a motorcycle accident and that he broke both his legs, on arm and was in a coma. On Saturday I was down in Santa Fe playing against his rugby team and then told me that he is finally breathing on his own.

I know that Santo had a lot of people here that he considered friends and I figured I should let you guys know what was going on. I haven’t heard any updates since Saturday.


I never met him, but we tried to get together for a dopefest at least a couple times last year when I was in Santa Fe.

I hope he’s doing well, please keep us in the loop. What a horrible thing to happen.

Well, crap. I only know him from his posts but Santo seems to me like a great guy to have a beer with. Hope he’s going to be OK. :frowning:

Oh no :frowning: I’m really sorry to read this. My thoughts are with him for a full and quick recovery.

Thank you for letting us know!

Is there any way of getting his hospital address in the real world to send a get well card?

Holy Crap!

Well that explains a lot I suppose. I am glad he is breathing on his own…shit.

Um, is there any way you know of that his friends online can get a hold of someone he knows IRL?

Terrible news, I share a lot of his interests and enjoy reading his posts. Hope he gets well soon.

Very sad news.

Oh fuck…no.

Damn. Yeah, Santo’s a righteous dude. If there’s any way to let him know, hope he gets some good meds and a curvaceous nurse.

Best wishes, Santo.

Wow, that sucks. He’s such a great guy.

Due to my own negligence, I missed an opportunity to 'fest with him last June. I really regret it.

Well, if I was a praying man, I’d pray for Santo.

Instead I think maybe I’ll blow something up for him.

I’ve just posted a message on his Facebook account asking for any details and will pass them along as I hear them from his friends and family.

If anyone is in touch with him, add my name to the list of those wishing him to get well soon.

I just checked and I deleted the e-mail I got about him. I’ll call around to some of the rugby guys and see if I can get a hospital address, I assume there is more then one is Santa Fe. I’ve tried calling him but his phone goes straight to voicemail (this was before I knew about the coma).

Fuck! That is terrible! :frowning:


If you do hear anything, please let us know.

I hope he gets well soon.

This is not good. Thanks for letting us know.

Please pass on my best wishes to him as well.

For those of you who are facebook friends, his parents have allowed the posting of their address on his wall so maybe you could send cards, etc. to them?

Please let us know if he’s doing better. This is a guy I love so much - please keep us updated