Who's the heaviest poster on here?

How much do you weigh? I’ll Paypal ten bucks to the winner (heaviest poster), if we can find them.
I have a feeling I’ll be in the running for possibly winning this (in which case I’ll just keep my money), so I’ll state mine after a few posts (if a few posts come, that is), rather than make the weight a really high, hard one to beat from the start. : p

Here’s a kilogram/pound converter, a kilogram/stone converter, and a pound/stone converter those who use either system and wonder what the equivalent is.

Alright, I 'll get things going. I’m 230 lbs. 6’2". I’d like to be 190 again…and 25 yrs old again (physically, not mentally)

Is this another prank of some kind?

No…it’s not the first…

…& I’m out.

I regret this already: 6’ 0", 352 lbs. I’ve always been a heavy guy with a big frame, but the new blood pressure medicine not only made my depression worse but it gave me 60 lbs of extra weight without the food intake–AIN’T LIFE GRAND?

This probably discriminates against short people. BMI would be a better measure.

Well, since you bumped it up that high already, I guess I’ll go next: I’m 6’4 and 360 pounds.

Let’s see if there’s anyone on here who can beat that.

Probably not me. I’m heavier than I’d like, however (81.1kg)

6’4" and down to 380 pounds.

I’ll check back in tomorrow (No, I won’t. This is not a contest–please, no wagering).

5’11" and down to 230 but I was up to 300 a couple years back.

I weigh 1000 pounds

paypal me the ten bucks please

Not me!

This is a contest I’m glad to lose!

Might be a good idea to buy ten bucks worth of Ex-Lax and drop one or two hundred pounds of that weight, but warn your neighbours first.

I didn’t stand a chance, really, even at 240lbs @ 5’9.

Woohoo! I’m not the fattest!

You guys are really shattering my mental images of you.

6’3" and 110 kilograms fully clothed or 243 pounds.

(I don’t weigh myself nude anymore, because the drugstore called the cops on me last time.)

I’m out at 6’2" and 280 lbs.