Who's the heaviest poster on here?

I’m nowhere close to being in the running, but it’s fun to know I’m 11.43 stone.

6’0, 250 lbs, and hopefully on my way down.

6’4" and 250-ish. My diet isn’t working. I’ve tried nothin’ and I’m all out of ideas!

Hah! I weigh 1010lbs.! I win! I plan to buy a box of doughnuts with the $10.

6 foot, currently 240, been as high as 280 and change, glad I’m not winning this one.

Stone, huh? But I would not feel so all alone… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve got you beat by nearly two stone. Which fortunately still leaves me way out of the running for the OP’s ten-spot.

And thanks to Al Yankovic, this thread has a perfect theme song.

I don’t weigh much (5’9" 160lb) but my gal, Rosie, is weighin’ in at 19 stone.

I am 6-3, 188. Very glad to lose this one.

6’, 166 lbs. But I probably have the longest toes on the board.

5’11" and 532,971 Carats.

This thread is great. I don’t feel so overweight (a couple of stone) anymore.

Only slightly over 3 fotmals, or nearly 2 (imperial) quintals. Certainly less than a wey, though by how much depends on who you ask.

5’11’’ and 555 lbs.
I hate living on Jupiter.

[Homer]Mmmm…400 lb. catfish.[/Homer]

One dollar, Bob!!

I come in at 4.2 pounds per inch, much better than Czarcasm’s 7.8 pounds per inch.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

“This one goes to eleven.”

Heavy, right?

I weigh 16 tons. What do I get?