Are you stronger than me, punk?

Threads don’t come much more mundane than this one.

Having turned into a piece of furniture over Christmas, the entire population of my town and I have started going to the gym. I’ve been hitting the weights harder than I’ve been hitting ythe whiskey and have made substantial gains in what I can lift. For no purpose or reason I can fathom, I’ll post what I lifted at the gym yesterday. Then, weeks frm now, I can ask you for money to stop god from “calling me home”, or at the very least, resurrect this thread until I piss a lot of people off and they hire manhattan to come to Canada and break my kneecaps.

So here goes!

Universal One-Handed Machine Arm Curls (no bench rest): five sets of 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds

One Handed Arm Curls (incline bench): four sets of 45, 65, 85 and 100 pounds (per hand)

Universal Vertical Bench Press: 100, 140 and 180 pounds

Real Bench Press: 110, 130 and 150 pounds

Military Press: 80, 100 and 120 pounds

Leg Squats (standard): 200, 280 and 360 pounds

Pulley Row (freeweight): 60, 80 and 100 pounds

Universal Quadriceps Extension: 60 pounds, 80 pounds

Universal Hamstrings Extension: 40 pounds, 50 pounds

Weight of water Dr_P lost while exercising: 2 pounds

Weight of bullshit Dr_P generally contains: 185 pounds

Weight: 155lbs.

Reps: 135–>145–>155lbs.

Max: 210lbs.

Oh, that’s my bench press. All my other excersizes vary depending on how I feel that day.

weight: 175 lbs
bench press: 2 sets of 190, 1 set of 170.
Max: dunno.


Y’all wanna flex for me, guys? Thanks… :smiley:

About your arm curls, are you saying you can curl 100 pound dumbbells? That’s incredible, or part of your 185 pounds of bullshit. :slight_smile:

I can kick ALL your asses!

Behold the power of the “mom look” !!!

Go ahead, cower in fear.

AHHHH!!! Oh God someone save me. Please oh please! Forgive me for whatever it is I did bad. Just don’t give me the “mom look”. In all seriousness I would be much more scared of the mom look than anyone who can curl 100lbs with one arm especially if you knew my mom.

Seems to me that if you’re doing iso curls at 100# but only benching 150# and only rowing #100, your biceps are WAY overdeveloped with respect to the rest of your upper body.

My friend calls me a squat machine. I have very powerful legs. But they’re just naturally like that. My friend, on the other hand, has trained a lot.
I joined his gym (this was a while ago, before the gym ripped me off), and he was showing me the different machinery. I had never done squats before in my life. He showed me “how it’s done” by squatting a few hundred kilograms. Then he said, “You try.”
We started out light, with only 100 kg. I was sending it flying. So we steadily added more & more weight. I was getting kind of tired around 550, but I kept on going. We stopped around 650. I have gone much higher since(I don’t like overexerting myself but I have gone as high as 850 or 900 kg, and not topped out). Boy-o-boy was I sore after that first time, though.
So yeah, my max for leg squats (doing reps of ten, I believe) is around 900kg.

The 100 lb. arm rows are one-handed, but you’re right that my arms are more developed than my chest. I can incline bench press a little more, but have always had difficulty progressing on the regular bench press, find it hard at the beginning of the movement. I’m working on this, but not if I’m going to get the mom look which makes me frightened and nervous. I just cower in the corner of the gym. But I did do all of those exercises at the gym on the same day, they aren’t all maximums. I did curl 100# with one arm. I’ve been working primarily on my arms since January.

jesus christ this thread is a snore, doc! go take yer meds…

Sorry silent_rob, but I don’t buy it. There is just no way you ever did 850 or 900 kilograms. That’s something like 2,100 pounds. Unless you are literally the strongest man on Earth, I doubt you ever did that much. Not to mention that 900 kilos wouldn’t even fit on a standard Olympic-style lifting bar.

It’s possible that what you were actually doing was the leg press, and either you or your friend mistakenly calls it a squat. A squat is when you take a free-weight bar onto your back and “squat” down (keeping your back straight) until your thighs are parallel with the floor, then return to a standing position. Leg press, on the other hand, invovles a machine that has you sitting tilted backwards with your legs up into the air. There is a rail on either side of you that a weight sled slides up and down on. You put your feet up on the sled and push it up and down.
I could believe 900 kilos on the leg press, since I have friends who can lift in this neighborhood on that machine. But unless you are the incredible Hulk, there’s no way you ever squatted 900 kilograms.

Whoops, my apologies Lizard, and thanks. I feel like an ass for several reasons. I’m glad you caught it, though, as I might have gone around saying this again (though I don’t mention it too often).
I, like an idiot, mixed up kilograms and pounds, and I also miscalculated. The most I’ve lifted is somewhere between 300 and 350 kg, and I don’t know how much that translates to in pounds (maybe 700-750 lbs). I had just 3 or 4 45kg weights on each side, and another couple of small weights.
I do believe my friend said how many pounds it was, and I mixed them up (sorry about that; like I said, I’m not much of a weight-lifter).
And yeah, it was squats. Not freeweight, though. It was in a squatting machine, as I don’t have the control to do it on a bar.

Not athletically inclined in the least but since I’m here.

:pulls up chair:
:wipes brow:
:settles in for a voyeuristic session of big 'ol sweaty man watching:

Now you go on flexing boys, don’t mind little 'ol me none.

:opens a Bud Light:

Yep, life is good.

Damn smilies :slight_smile:

BTW I didn’t even know I could do this :o

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Okay I’m just a weak little girl but I figured I may as well post because I’m rather proud of myself. I am in weight training and jogging for PE, so I’m forced to actually work out. My ex boyfriend and his friend are sadistic so they decided to plan my workout. I jog a mile and a half on the treadmill, stretch (very VERY well, it’s a very touvhy feely experience), and then attack the weights. I’m proud of myself, I lifted 290lbs on the leg press, I was sore for the next two days but I was proud of myself. I can benchpress 55lbs, can we all say no upper body strength? Oh well, at least I’m flexible.


Sure you say you’re flexible. But here at the SDMB, we need proof of these things :).