Woohoo! I got a cheque for the film!

About ten years ago I worked on my best fiend’s first feature-length film project, Cut Up. I appeared as “Max Peters”, a drunken retro-hippie during the opening credits. I get hacked to pieces by “The Patchwork Killer”. After that I worked as Continuity, grip, and lighting grip. Cut Up was released in European television a couple of years after it was completed, but the distributor wasn’t able to or didn’t know how to market it further. But a couple of years ago it was picked up by Sub Rosa. It’s available on VHS, and aslo as part of two DVD collections (Da Killaz and Livin’ Da Life). Da Killaz has four films on it, and two of the other films were made by another friend (Bang and The Murder Men – the latter was shown at last year’s Hollywood Black Independent Film Festival).

Anyway, Cut Up has sold about 10,000 copies and yesterday I received fifty bucks (out of $500 deferred payment). I think I have a point in the film as well, but they aren’t paying those yet.

Not a lot of money; but unlike many people who work on independent films I actually got some cash. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! That’s great!

Very cool! :slight_smile: Congratulations!

I guess it’s a long-term investment. That’s great, man!

Do you get your own action figure? That would be the best part of being in a film, getting your own action figure.

No kidding. Then I wouldn’t have to feel so guilty about playing with myself 11 times a day.