WooHoo! I got my first order!

My website’s only been online 4 days and I got a $40 order. This thing just may work after all. :slight_smile:
I’m doing that dance where you move your arms like you’re churnning butter. The dog’s barking at me, I need to stop.

May I be the first to congratulate you!

I’m just opening your page in another tab to see what I’m congratulating you for.

Hell, all pr0n sites do well! You’re surprised?? :wink:

Congrats to ya. Maybe if I can sit down longer than five minutes, one of these days, I can throw together a website too. Maybe one of these days…

Way to go, gal. It looks great, btw. Just can’t let my daughter see it. I’ll go bankrupt in a week.


(Whatcha sellin?)

Congratulations, hillbilly queen! Couldn’t happen to a nicer lady.

I’m interested to know what yer sellin’ as well :slight_smile: Always good to see another E-Comerce venture get started.

Thanks everybody!

I’m selling women’s and junior’s clothes.


Hee hee… the Cabbage Patch.