Woohoo. I just ordered Dune.

Not having a VCR, I’ve been unable to rent or buy the Dune remake. It’s being released on DVD March 20, and Amazon has it on preorder for $17.49. Life is good.

Sorry if this info’s been posted already. I may have just missed it.

This little thread looked lonely down on the bottom of page one, so I felt pity and decided to post to it.


Dune blew. The rain storm at the end destoyed my good feelings about Sting, the visuals, and the inter-house intrigue. I also felt it did a diservice to Frank Herbert’s novel.

Chief, that’s the original… remake was on Sci-Fi in December. Still not even CLOSE to the greatness of Herbert’s novel, but also not the abomination that the first movie was.

That’s so cool! I just bought a DVD player this weekend, too!

First DVD bought - Contact

By the by, I really liked the Sci-Fi channels version of Dune. Still not the book, but hey, whatchgonnado?

On purpose?


Excellent! E-mail Chef Troy and arrange an all-day Dopefest at his place to watch the whole thing! I’ll chip in for pizza and drinks.

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I’m not sure if Chef will be up for another Dopefest at his place. I’m fairly certain he’s had enough. :slight_smile: Depending on how many people there are, I could probably pull something off at my place, but we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll start a thread on it in March.

::Nose thrust up in the air::

Well, I never.

Some of us don’t have hoity-toity cable company’s that offer the sci-fi channel.


Dune, the movie, still sucks Harkonnen dingle berries.

The original movie made of the novel Dune, by David Lynch, did indeed suck. Props to ChiefScott for pointing this out. But the novel itself also blew. I think it’s the most overpraised book in science fiction.

I’ve heard the SciFi Channel’s miniseries was good. Even friends who also didn’t like the novel, liked the miniseries. Unfortunately, I don’t have cable.

The movie Contact sucked also. Be ashamed of yo’se’f, andyman!

Thanks to Agrolands’ heads up, I too have ordered Dune. I thought that maybe I could have borrowed it from him, but thought twice when I realized that I still the tape of Barefoot in the Park that I borrowed from my friend Tom about 6 years ago. I suppose that I could potentially host a small Dopefest to screen Dune but it would have to be small since I doubt that I could comfortably have more than 8-10 people, and would include a few people sitting on the relatively uncomfortable kitchen chairs.



Listen up. You people all suck. Just because a movie doesn’t live up to a book doesn’t mean it blows goats or anything. Name me three movies that ever lived up to the books. They can’t. I’m sick of you punk-ass-wannabe-film-critic-elitists (especially for Sci-Fi, sheesh! You nerds!) harping on good films like Dune, just because they didn’t live up to your expectations. Dune(the original) was a damn good movie which, in large part, and considering its time constraints, stayed true to the book. I even liked the wierding modules, so nyah! Bastards.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to buying that DVD, since I never got to see it (as our shitty cable company doesn’t carry the Sci-Fi channel).

Oh yeah, and Five, puhlease! I agree that sometimes the book is overpraised (especially the se/pre-quels), but it’s a damn good book nonetheless and it certainly does not “blow”!

The $7.50 that I dropped into the pockets of Dune’s producers bought me the right to say the flick blows.

Welcome to America, Demo.

When it comes to Dune, I saw the movie long before I ever read the book and I still think it sucked royally six ways to Sunday.


But that aside, I like it when a movie that is supposed to be made from a book remains as true as possible. The second Dune was much truer to the novel, and it didn’t have the namby-pamby ending that the first one did (effectively squelching any possibility of making any of the subsequent books into movies - and now that I think about that, maybe this is a good thing! :slight_smile: ) Movies like Starship Troopers are the ultimate abomination when it comes to books-to-film (the movie itself wasn’t bad, but it should more rightly have been called Bug Mutants from Outer Space rather than dishonoring RAH with this hornswoggle.) Movies like Simon Birch have my ultimate respect because the author/producer/anyone else involved had the sense to realize that it WASN’T the book that inspired it (in this case, the wonderful John Irving classic A Prayer for Owen Meany) and made appropriate name changes, and just having a simple notation of “Inspired by”

All I’m saying is that if you’re making a movie from a book, stay as true to form as possible, and don’t screw up the ultimate message.

Thank you for your time. :stuck_out_tongue:

We could have it at my house. It’s not as roomy as Chef Troy’s but I could probably host a gathering at some point.

It’s now 9:36 on the East Coast and – surprise, surprise – Dune (the original movie) still sucks dead donkey dick!


Okay, you’re right, mea culpa, the first Dune book did not blow. It was okay.

But the sequels most certainly did blow. And suck. I must stand my ground on this point.

The VHS tape of the mini-series Dune" also blows, in that it is squeezed onto one cassette in the SLP mode. I bought it only because I don’t have cable and therefore didn’t see it when it aired in December, and am glad to hear the DVD is on pre-order. There is a promo for the DVD on the tape, and it looks to include some nice interviews with Hurt and others.


Party at Grace’s in March/April! We haven’t had a Dopefest in a while. This will be a good chance.

We’re all going to hold you to this. :slight_smile: