Woohoo! Love is great!

I was just sitting here, thinking to myself, love is a wonderful thing. Everytime I look into Tazzy’s big blue eyes, I’m completely blown away. I honestly don’t believe I could ever describe just quite how much she means to me. I’d do anything for her. I feel like I’m not complete without her, like if she ever left my whole world would be shambles. I know that I’d cope, but it wouldn’t be pleasant.

I can’t get enough of her. Every time we’re together, it feels like we pour a little bit more of our souls into one another, and the line where our hearts meet grow a little blurrier. I am looking forward to the day when we are so close, you won’t be able to tell where one soul starts and the other ends.

If you get online and read this, I love you Tazzy!

You know, this only reminds me of the little red-haired girl that doesn’t like me… good grief!!

(I’m just kidding :D… congrats on finding love, Mr. Muffin, the world needs more of the stuff. It’s addictive, you know)


Yeah, ain’t love grand?

Tazzy is a cat, right?

Actually, my first thought was that Tazzy was a dog. My friend has a dog named Tazzy.

Look no I am not a fucking cat nor am I am damn dog. I am a loving caring woman that sends out all my sympathy to you assholes that are unhappy and alone.
I love Muffinman with all my heart and I want to spend all my life with him. He fills me with such pleasures and makes me whole. As a matter of fact he is here right now taking care of me and loving me.Good Luck!!!

I hope she was joking around! :eek:

heh heh hehheh hehheh heh…
She said “fill”
heh heh he heh

Whoa, maybe he hasn’t briefed you on MPSIMS-iquette. We play nice unless we are in the pit.

Does anyone else think that was a totally hypocritical post Tzzy made?
For a moment there I thought she said “I am not fucking a cat or a damn dog”. Better hope so!

Love is wonderful when you have it. Love sucks when you don’t. Dammit. Whenever I feel lonely, reminiscing of days past (happening way too frequently of late, alas) I just remember that verse, by some poet whose name I have lost in the sandbox of old memories:

'Tis better to have loved, then lost,
Than be run over by a steamroller.

That usually gets me through. If not, I go eat some chocolate.

Sigh Yes, love is great. But damn Tazzy, calm down, it’s not the pit. Yeesh.

I just wanted to say I am sorry to all that read my reply the other day. PMS + being sick = a very unhappy and pissy Tazzy!

That doesn’t mean you should take it out on us! :frowning:

Sorry, that other post just sort of frightened me…