I can’t be sure of the EXACT timing but I think I just claimed the 500,000th post.

Alright - I was!!

You rock, or whatever the current phrase is.

Upon reflection I feel a bit childish validating my cyber-existence with a mere statistical representation. Especially one with a few more zero’s in it than normal.

After all it’s not as if we care about post counts or anything is it?

I find it funny that in the month I’ve been here, more or less, I’m about to hit 100 posts. Which is probably more than I’ve said in the 5 years I’ve also been on IRC.


Were you “watching the odometer” on the main menu?
How did you guarantee you would be next?
Or are there some near-misses lying in the dust?

Big woop . . . anyone notice I am substantially past 500 posts in just over a month here?

That’s because I didn’t go bragging about it . . . oops :slight_smile:

Oh well. Congrats, drp, I think . . . and no I do not want no steenkeen’ 500th post party!

Wadja win?

A car?

A washer/drier?

A refrigerator/freezer?

A full year’s supply of Dinty Moore Beef Stew?

The home version of our game?

Wadja win?


Straight Dope - The Home Game.

I like that.

I know. He wins 500 free hours at AOL, right?

For others like me who didn’t know how to see if dpr was right, here is a link which will bring up dpr’s first post in this thread as the 500,000 post. Congratulations dpr!

Actually I had read a thread where someone had wondered (the day before) who would post the big number and happened to look up and notice it was only 70 or 80 posts away.

Fortunately it was during the day (Down Under) and post rates weren’t super quick so I had time to set up a New Thread in a second window and refresh the main screen/odometer. Then I just made an eductated guess.

And I didn’t win anything except the satisfaction of completing a self-set challenge. ALthough a SD hom game would be fun…

And Iampunha - it may not be something you want to brag about mate. Obsessions aren’t always healthy… :wink:

Way to go, dpr! If I ever save up the change, I’ll send you a congratulationary package. The postage cost would be quite high. Are you shooting for the 1 millionth poster now?