And so...5000

Frankly, it embarasses me a bit to make this post.

But there it is. I promised myself a self-congratulatory back-pat at 5000 when I started back 3 years (and 4 jobs) ago.

I bow.

You should be embarassed, you post-count padder!


Congrats, man. That’s an awful lot of time wasted here on the boards.


Congratulations, newbie.

Mazel tov.

Yeah, welcome to the club.

I’d have 5000 posts, too, if I played Diplomacy.


My daughter is still cuter than yours though.

“4.43 posts per day” for three years ??

How do you multi-k-post folks keep this up and have time for other things?

Four or five posts a day is no big deal. In MPSIMS and IMHO, it’s easy to do that many posts in 40 minutes or so, and then get on with your day.

Now this poster has no life. Just signed up in January, but is on pace to hit 5000 by mid-July. :eek:

Oh, and congrats, JC!

Somehow I knew that was a link to Q.E.D before I clicked on it.

[ul]:frowning: [sup]You really know how to hurt somebody, don’t you?[/sup][/ul]

Personally I was hoping to hit 10K by June 6, but last night I figured it and it’d take roughly 33.3 posts a day for me to hit that then.

Er, yeah. I’ve done almost a hundred posts in a day BUT it was only once AND it was two flirt threads AND it was about two years ago AND I have better, other things to do now.

So you’ll either see a “three years and a big pile of posts” or “can someone help me carry these posts?” OP, I think.

Or then again, maybe not.

I tip my hat to ya, Chance, from my meager 5-0-0, with an average that remains less than a post a day.

I’m so restrained. :wink:

Good on ya. Now just get rid of Liverpool for me …

Ah, the beauty of leather handcuffs …


There are other things? Now you tell us!

Congrats, JC, and thanks for making this a more fun, interesting and informative place!

What has Q.E.D. ever done to you? I often see people sniping at him just because he posts a lot. How would you know what he does in his spare time? At least his posts are generally contributing something, unlike some other high-post-rate posters. Sorry, just felt I had to say that.

Jonathan, congrats on the 5000!

Here’s to 5,000 more!

Congrats. I hope to get there soon myself. :slight_smile: I think I’m doing OK - I only started posting in earnest about a month ago. :slight_smile: