DAMMIT! I wasted my 5000th post!

This is #5004! ARGH! Now I have to backtrack and see which one it was.



Oh, hell - it must have been when I simultaneously flirted with Doobieous and Monster104 in the Dopetoberfest thread.

Well, at least I didn’t waste it. :slight_smile:


Chin up.

None of your posts are truly wasted as long as someone enjoys them.


Anyway, congrulations!

So, did you ride home a cowboy last night? :wink:

Pauvre petit!

Yeah, and I just scampered through my 4,000[sup]th[/sup] post worrying about my mutt.

Even though you didn’t congratulate me in my 4000 post party, I’ll be magnaminous and congratulate you here. :wink:

Now you are halfway to handy…

oh yeah? well, I have 439!!! So there!! :cool::wink:

And here I was, waiting with the streamers and noise-makers.

Ah, well. Only <checking> 994 until you hit 6,000.

Woo! It must be Mnementh’s fault. He was… distracting! :wink:

And I must say. Till you’ve heard Esprix say “Nice titties, babe” (note: not about me), you haven’t lived.

Thanks for the 5,000!

Good for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Esprix, I figured you to be more subtle than that…:rolleyes:


Methinks you wasted the other 4,999 too, you prolific bastard. :wink:

I’d like to congratulate Esprix while I am sober and fully clothed. Glad you’re around the boards.

[sub]I’ll wait until your 10,000 post party to flash you again…[/sub]

First, welcome to the SDMB, hematopoiesis. Had to look that name up. I think I know what it means now.

Mind you, I don’t know what the hang you’re talkin’ about, so, I’ll move to say “Congrats” to Esprix for the 5000-something post mark.

The balloons are on order … should be here by the time you get to 10,000.

Don’t feel bad. I’ve wasted all of my posts. :smiley:

Happy 5000, Esprix. Have a bad of Scorpo-nuts, on the house.

Damn typos…I TOLD you I wasted all my posts. What I meant, of course, was a BAG of Scorpo-nuts, on the house. They’re good, really!

at least you have 5000!

I will never understand how yall can be so dedicated to this message board that you will ever make 5000posts…just scary! You guys must stay on the SDMB all day at work, at home, and even in your sleep. I only have 30+ posts and it took me 2 years to get there…(no, mabey im the one with the problem…ah, who cares, congratulations anyway)

REGISTERED JUNE 1999…i just realised ive been here longer than all of yall…looks like im the old geezer

–yer pretty old.