Post #5000!

I know I’m still a newb but damn, seems like my first post wasn’t so long ago.

Narrator: “It was.”

I think you’re past “newb”. :slight_smile:

Posting congrats before they close the thread.

All this time here and I still didn’t know self congratulatory post count threads were not cool.

Noob! (Points and laughs)

That’s why you don’t see too many of them. I recently found this out the hard way.

I hear they drag Marley out of retirement, and he kicks the shit out of the offender. That’s what they say anyway.

I’ve read all your post for years and still don’t have a good grasp of who/what the hell you are.

I’d call that a success!

Only for 10 years or so.

Congrats…(before this is closed)




Congrats…before this is closed :smiley:

PS, it was Lynne Bodoni who would have you drawn and quartered for the crime of posting a post party OP. RIP Lynne, hope St Peter didn’t confiscate your jackboots when you got to heaven. :smiley:

Best you ask for forgiveness now, before they make good on your username and send you up the river.

Before this gets closed…


Mic gets cut, bouncers yank me away

Man, this is like when they release the guillotine, but it catches or something, so you’re left waiting in suspense to see how long before the blade plunges down.

I’ll alert the media.

:::sigh:::: the life of the noob. It’s real hell.:wink:

Lynn would have had you drawn, quartered, hanged, and flogged. And I have a feeling that Lynn has her jackboots in heaven.

Congrats, but the spirit of Lynn is still with us, and I have no doubt that this will be shut down soon.

Still don’t see the problem with these sorts of threads. Maybe THAT’S why I’m not a mod.

could be true

I’ll add my congrats before one of the mods notices. :slight_smile:

When I posted thread #4999 (I’m old, # before digits means number 4999, after the digits would be 4999lbs. I still don’t get hashtags) it seemed appropriate to note the next post. Now, with no beer in me I can see how it would annoy people. Forgiveness begged. :smack: