Oh wow.

500 posts! Took me long enough to do it, too.

Now who do I see about getting this ‘NEWBIE’ tattoo lasered off my forehead?

Happy 500, TMR.


Dammit! When am I ever going to be a regular? I wanna be in the Inner Circle! I wanna be a made man!

P.S. Congrats, Trout!


Congrats! I’ve always loved that username. Love the way it rolls off the tongue. One of the few names I actually say out loud as I read it.

Here’s to 500 more.

Ogre? What, exactly, is a made man? :wink:

[standard post party reply] Good for you. [/standard post party reply]

“Made man,” I believe, is an old Mafioso term for someone who has passed all the little rites of initiation (y’know, like serving as the Don’s towel boy and giving Big Sal a dirt-nap,) and is therefore a full member of the “Family,” with all rights and privileges thereto appertaining.

Hmmmmmm. Sounds interesting…

Doesn’t it, though? Whadja have in mind? :wink:

Say, TMR, you don’t mind if I flirt with struuter in your thread, do you?

Well…since this is a thread pertaining to newbie status (indirectly), then perhaps we should establish some sort of framework for said initiation. Involving…(I’m just winging it)…a newbie, of course…a NON-newbie…and some sort of rite that would earn Dopehood for that newbie. I’ve never been a big fan of post counting myself, but if it must be a prerequisite for the newbie to reach a certain count…so be it. I’ll let a wiser and braver soul determine that.

I have an idea that maybe if the newbie is chosen by a Doper–or maybe chooses a Doper to initiate them–whichever–then it would be up to the Doper to decide what the rites would be. As long as no animals are harmed and no feelings are hurt. (I’m a big push-over)

Probably no one would like this…although just between you and me, I’d be willing to initiate you. As far as post count goes, I thought you and Trout were well over 500 anyway.

Hey yeah! Wanna start a “Doper adopts a newbie” thread, and entertain ideas for initiation?

This could be fun!

Oh, and I’d be honored to be initiated by the legendary struuter!

LEGENDARY?! Feh. I think not. But you gain bonus points for saying it, just the same. :wink:

I think maybe Trout would appreciate having this thread uncorrupted by our discussion–so yes, I do think a separate thread would be advisable. You can start it, if you like. I have a tendancy to attract little attention with my threads.

And yes, I’ll initiate you. Most certainly.
And to Trout, most kind and understanding Trout. Forgive the shameless hi-jacking of your thread. Humble apologies to you.

Yeah, sorry, Trout.

::Shuffles off::

Know what you mean. I see that we registered at roughly the same time (though I’d actually registered a few months before, my registration got lost in one of the occasional crashes and I had to re-up in Jan.), and we broke 500 at almost exactly the same time (mine was last night as well).

Took YOU so long? Take a look at the date I registered and how many posts I have!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats on 500!