Wooo! Grad school! Wooo!!!!!

Got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I’m moving to Monterey!!!

Any Monterey Dopers (Pacific Grove, Salinas, or anywhere in the vicinity works)? I need a place to live! I don’t do drugs, and only have 1 cat.
And $20,000 for tuition. :frowning:

Any Dopers with deep pockets and a kind heart?

Too bad I quit drinking. Now my celebration will consist of sitting around today and watching movies (still on spring break).


Since you can’t/shan’t/won’t have a drink, I’ll have one for you. I’ll even break out the Black Bush in celebration. Don’t worry about it; you can owe me. :smiley:

I don’t know anybody in the Monterey area, but good luck finding housing. And good luck with your program; international relations, right?


No fair! I want a grad school acceptance letter!

Seriously, congrats. What are you studying?

Got into the Graduate School of International Policy Studies. Going to (hopefully) get a Master of Arts in International Policy Studies. Also known as an MA in “Not-having-to-look-too-hard-for-a-job-because-you-get-snatched-right-up-upon-graduation”. At least, I hope so.

Well, congratulations. Good luck with grad school.

Congrats, Gabe! I’ll join **Stranger **in having a drink for you! In some ways, Monterey will feel just like home compared to Davis – there will still be three-week stretches when you’ll never see the sun, only it will be the middle of “summer”…

I’ll hop on your happy train and announce my acceptance into grad school as well! I was going to start a thread and it slipped my mind.

Fordham University, MSW program, class of 2006 - WOO!

Congrats. I guess I’ll be moving to Davis as you are living. Must keep the number of dopers until control to spread the knowledge of the dope as far as possible.

Do you need an apartment right away? Two of my friends are leaving Davis as soon as they can get someone to take over their lease. OTOH, you could take over my lease when I leave this summer. :slight_smile:

I’ve put in an application at another place, but I’m not sure I’m going to get it. Mayhaps I might want to take over your lease, if you’re serious.

I have a 2 bdrm apartment. Roomates and I will all be gone after this summer. They are getting a house in Davis, I’m going to grad school. I will be leaving to work this summer, I was hoping to put all my stuff in storage and rent out my room. If you could find roomates to take the remaining space, it might work out. Our lease ends in September, you could go from there.

Congratulations! The program sounds like a lot of hard work and a lot of fun all at the same time.