WOOOO HOOOO! I'm gonna be rich!

I am so lucky! just read this:

Anyay, it turns out that a quarter of the money is as good as mine, can you believe my luck? - this is the fourth such fantastic deal I’ve been exclusively offered this week!

I’ve already received five such deals this month. Come and visit me at my villa when you collect your dough.

Zev Steinhardt

Not to burst your bubble, but I think that it might be a scam.

Also, what’s a suspense account?


Yes, he knows. This is the famous Nigerian scam. That’s why he posted this in the Pit.

Zev Steinhardt

So, how’s that product that says it’ll “make your dick so big it’ll blot out the sun” working?

It’s where they keep the whoosh.

Cover your ears and get ready to be knocked down - there is going to be a very powerful WHOOSH.

I didn’t think he was that ill-informed.

Right back atcha, boyo. :wink:

I don’t know, but it sounds exciting!

Nonsense - don’t be so suspicious

It’s an account that

Hey, I got one of those myself! :eek:

See you in the fortune 500, baby!

Speaking of drafts…

You know, considering how often I get those letters, Nigeria must be the richest country in the world, with all those millions just sitting around in the bank doing nothing. :smiley:

Zev Steinhardt

Turned out to be a cheap plastic magnifying glass… Not really worth the £600 I paid out, but at least there was a satisfaction guarantee; I can just write off to the PO box and get all my money back.

carrot lies.

Why, I sent my banking information off to one of these deals just today. In anticipation of my newfound wealth, I’ve already submitted my two weeks notice. Here’s the text of my resignation letter:

I’m going to need all the spare time I can get to count my money! Woo hoo! See you at zev’s villa! I’ll bring the caviar and the supermodels.

Whoa. Like 3 people telling me I’ve been whooshed before I could respond. It was supposed to be to zev_steinhardt, by the way.

You may all have your whooshes back…with interest.

Hey, me too! Gosh, Nigeria must be one of the richest countries on earth!


Hey! Make sure that the caviar’s kosher! :smiley:

Zev Steinhardt


Be forewarned, I don’t think y’all would like Tuscany.

Sure, carrot says you can have your whooshes back with interest, but I think it might be a scam. Don’t give him any banking information until you’ve checked this “returned whoosh” proposal out with a reputable financial professional!