Woooo-hooooo! I got my PS2!!!!

Yay, I got my PlayStation 2 last night and the graphics are just AWESOME!!! (Even though I’m connecting it to a TV Tuner and diplayed on a 17" monitor, but not at full screen - damn thing). Dynasty Warrior’s a pretty neat game, like Gauntlet Legends.

I’m thinking of selling it on E-Bay, I’ve seen some ludicrous price (e.g. in the $1000 US range; hehe, got it for $450 CND). The website is somewhat overwhelming and I’m worried sick about fraudulent transaction. Anyone used it b4 and is it okay, especially a Canada-USA transaction?


Are you kidding? Today, friday about 11am I saw almost 12,000 auctions for them. That means about 3 thousand closes a day. ANy bids before thursday are probably bogus.

There are numerous PSX2 ebay frauds. I saw a guy asking $1M for his. Others sold for $15,000…numerous people bidding on the same auctions, bogus bids, etc.

Someone said today that no one is bidding on them over $400 now, those from legitimate sellers that is.

Be sure to get your cash first.

My local news show was talking about the shortage of PS2s yesterday. The reporter was on-location playing the demo in a store (the store demos are the only ones left). He was talking about how good it was, etc.

The game that he was halfheartedly playing whilst he made his report?

Frogger. The version that looks identical to that played on the old 8-bit consoles. :rolleyes:

I got mine too but my problem is finding any games for it. I got one true PSX2 game (SSX, a snow boarding thing from EA Sports) but can’t find any of the other new releases. I so want Madden 2001. I guess I’ll just play the old PSX games until the stores restock…

Have either of you looked at a DVD with it. What’s the pic/sound quality like? Is the menu good etc. ?

The picture quality is good, not stunning or anything but about average. My TV doesn’t have the fancy surround sound features or dolby 5:1 or anything so it sounded very crappy. Had to turn the TV volume way up to hear it actually. And I found the menu-ing to be very slow.

I can’t imagine anybody getting excited about getting a PS/2. The Microchannel bus works better on paper than in reality, I’ve never run one with better than a 486-66 in it, and just TRY to find an ESDI drive bigger than 80MB.

But I still want the Model 70 “portable” they had at my last job. Red screen and all.

Several People asked me today if I got mine. My reaction?
Oh, yesterday was the release date? Hmm.

I told one guy that my 15" monitor still is better than almost any 27" TV out there, just because it’s crisper than most (excluding the HDTV sets, of course). DVD? I’ll buy a player, and maybe one day put one in my PC again.
I’m pretty much done with console games. Only the sports games are any good any more. Try getting four people on your PC to play some Madden.

In reply to the OP, I’ve never seen or participated in a Canada-US auction, but make sure the price is in US$ and you should be fine. FTR, I was looking at PS2 auctions today, and the average price at auction end was $1,000, with a low of about $810.

On eBay (and presumably all auction sites) the seller has pretty much all the power. Request payment by money order or PayPal exclusively, as neither one of these can be fraudulent (MO is probably even safer than PayPal in this regard, though I’ve never had problems with it). If the buyer insists on paying by check, deposit it and wait for it to clear before shipping. To make sure the buyer is dicking you around and won’t pay, add something along the lines of “Payment must be received within 10 days of auction close or item will be reposted and negative feedback will be given.”

FTR, you might also want to check Amazon’s auction site, as it seemed to have higher bids out of the gate (though about the same at close?) and Yahoo! auctions for the same reason. Also, Yahoo! auction seems to be more of a seller’s market than eBay at the moment.

Dropzone: Funny… I’m nauseous from Six Flags and it took me three rereadings of your post before I could figure out what you were talking about… LOL. You’re a geek. :smiley:

Yea, the quality isn’t superb by anymeans but on the other hand, it’s not too bad.

I’ve played Dynasty Warrior 2, which was pretty good: nice graphics, flares, but gameplay gets kinda repetitive and not that many twists to it. The music certainly don’t match with the game.

I’m playing Kessen, and it’s pretty good. Very good FMV, feels like a Shogun type movie, complete with calvary, archers, and politics. Strategy game wise, it’s not as good as the ones I’ve played on the PC but it still gets high marks. If you like historic Japenese style strategy game in combo with good FMV’s, I highly recommend it.

Thanks for your advice for selling on eBay KKBattousai, but I think I’m going to keep the machine for awhile. As others mentioned, there’s too many fraudulant transactions and it’s not worth selling it, yet.


A GRAND?!?!?! Shit, I’m stealing the Model 50 I found in the warehouse today!

Seriously, people are paying that much money for a video game player that will be clogging the shelves in a couple months and obsolete by the time the new Nintendos and Segas come out? And you call ME a geek?!?!?

What I did was I got up at 6 in the morning and ran over to Best Buy and got one of the last 2 playstations they had. I am going to sell one, but the one I kept is amazing. The best part is the blue power light. Very original. The DVD interface is very easy to use, and the games that I have, Timesplitters (Just like Goldeneye) and Tekken Tag Tournament are great. Very good system, I guarantee it will outlast Dreamcast, which is quickly losing ground, and it will keep up with GameCube and X Box.

Am I the only one that thinks Nintendo’s shooting themselves in the foot with the mini-DVD format for their games? Maybe some developers will say “wow we can fit more on these than cartridges or CDs,” but then again, maybe more will say “well, we can develop for the PS2 without having to get a seal of approval.” Just seems odd after the relative lack of success of the N64.

Oh, and Jovius, good call on holding onto the PS2, looks as if the market bottomed out on eBay. Average is about $500-$600 and droppin’.

Do you have to have an a/v tv to use the dvd player on the psx2? Someone said you need to otherwise you get weird lines on the tv if you use the vcr to run the signal through.

On ebay, the search result prices aren’t the auction prices. I noticed that a search might show an auction at $500 but if you click on the auction, its really $600.00

The unit comes with a 3 RCA jack cable (vidoe, left & right audio), but you can buy an S-Video cable, a fiber optic cable, or the old RF adapter. The lines from running it through a VCR are most likely the result of Macrovison protection built into the VCR.

GOD I’m getting old. When I saw the subject line I said to myself - “Why’s he so excited about that? Must be into collecting antique PCs.”

See? I’m not alone!

But I’m the sort who, when he heard that Apple was going to call its latest operating system “OS 9,” wondered what Microware would have to say about that.

(For thems what ain’t deeply into old computers, OS-9 is an operating system originally for the 6809 chip that is still used in embedded controllers. Digital TV set-top boxes use it, f’rinstance. It was used by Tandy Color Computers, giving them true multitasking.)

That’s the best part? Forgive me for not getting excited.
– A diehard Nintendo fan

But it must be good if it’s worth several times the the suggested retail price. :wink:

How are the games!??!