Buying PS2 of Ebay?!?

K, Christmas is coming up and I was thinking of what to get. Well I have to upgrade my computer, with a new Graphics Card, a new processor and new RAM. I have the money to do this, but my parents think it is foolish. Anyway, I was thinking of asking them for a PS2. I went on Ebay just to check out cheaper they are there. I saw some really cheap, I mean 150 and up. They all say they are factory sealed, is this reliable? Also, if one is at about 200 will they accept that and sell it? Just wondering and thank you for you input.

I think about this all the time for ebay items , PCs for £400 top spec almost impossible prices , but whatever you decide to do make sure the user you are buying off has alot of feedback. People with 10-20 + are okayish but 150+
are trustable IMO.

If there is no reserve price and you win the item(s) they have to sell it to you , though they may just take the hit of a negative feedback instead of losing money.

I don’t know - but I’d be very careful. I have heard a story, and it may not be true, that someone bought a PS2 from an auction that said “PS2 box, never used” or something like that.

And they got: a PS2 box, just the box not actual console.

Like I said - might not be true.

All I can say is, if they’re selling them for less than retail and they’re really unused then where are they making money ? I’d worry that they were stolen, quality control fails, or imports with the wrong connections.

If you want to go down this road then check the auctioneers feedback and other auctions. Try and buy from someone local who you can actually visit (probably not possible), and use one of the services that hold your money in trust until you can recieve and test the goods - I think ebay do this.

Someone who knows more will be along to advise you in a second.

And, on preview, what geepee said too.


Check the feedback like geepee says, but look at the number of negatives too. I have run across sellers with a respectable number of positives that also have an excessive number of negatives. If the negatives are high (30-40+), I skip that seller. Also look how long the sellers been selling on eBay. With electronics in particular there is a big turnover, and I suspect sellers who finally rack up enough negs to get kicked off eBay re-register and start all over again - with a new ID. I look for sellers who’ve been selling awhile - say more than a month or two.

Do a search on PSX 2 and bring up all the auctions you can find for them, I have caught myself bidding on what I thought was a good deal, only to find better deals that I missed. And read the auction carefully, know exactly what forms of payment are accepted and how much shipping will cost. Some auctions have reserves that must be met before the seller will sell, some don’t.

$150 & up? Did you check the completed auctions instead of what’s for sale to get a better idea of the prices you can expect? Japanese PS2’s are cheaper than USA ones now, I guess.

“And they got: a PS2 box, just the box not actual console.”

Yeah, those people can’t sell on ebay anymore, I think, plus their ad said there wasn’t a machine in the box but it came with a receipt so ebay thought because of that it was assumed the machine was in the box. I recently saw a completed auction for an Xbox box only at $74 or so, what kind of idiot wouldn’t notice it’s just an empty box?

If you’re checking out prices for a PS2 on eBay, better make sure the item in question is one of these and not one of these!